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IAS officer’s wife wages RTI battle – can our mothers, sisters do the same ?

IAS officer’s wife wages RTI battle

Shweta Ganesh Kumar


Posted Sunday , June 24, 2007 at 17:14
Updated Sunday , June 24, 2007 at 17:35

Jayashree insists the website is more than a way of showing her support to her husband.

PROTESTING ON THE WEB: Jayashree insists the website is more than a way of showing her support to her husband.

Bangalore: An IAS officer and his wife are fighting back against corruption, demanding their Right To Information after six transfers this year.

Six transfers in as many months; IAS officer M N Vijaykumar has been through hell. And all the while his wife Jayashree stood with him. She even opened a website to expose the corrupt practices within the Karnataka Government. Their efforts prompted the Lok Ayukta to order the chief secretary to respond to Vijayakumar‘s application under the Right to Information Act by June 27.

Vijayakumar had asked for reasons behind his frequent transfers. The reply is yet to come, but he has got another letter from chief secretary P B Mahishi. The government has asked him to close the website run by his wife, and hints at legal action if he doesn’t fall in line.

“They are questioning why I’ve opened a website? They say I’ve done it on the behest of my husband. They are ignoring my entity. They said I cannot do anything till I disassociate from my husband,” says Jayashree, Vijaykumar‘s wife, who opened ‘Fight Corruption’, the website to wage her husband’s battle.

Jayashree approached the women’s commission which has directed the chief secretary to appear for a hearing on Monday. When contacted, Mahishi refused to comment on the issue. Jayashree, on her part, insists that the website is more than a way of showing her support to her husband.

“Our focus is in bringing good governance to Karnataka. We are fighting to that end,” insists Jayashree.

The RTI Act was instituted to ensure the common man’s right to information. But when it’s the very right that is questioned, then there’s scant little that the common man can do.


“…The wife did not teach the husband how to win. …”

“…The wife did not teach the husband how to swing a golf club. The wife did not teach the husband how to win. The golf swing and the success as a professional golfer which the husband brought into this marriage opened commercial doors during the course of this marriage which would otherwise not have been available…..”

Wife takes $100m bite out of golf’s Great White Shark

By Stephen Foley in New York

Published: 25 June 2007


He may be the one nicknamed the Great White Shark, but it is Greg Norman’s wife who has proved to possess the sharpest teeth in the couple’s acrimonious divorce battle, biting a $100m (£50m) chunk out of the golfing legend’s fortune.

After a bitter one-year battle, the two-times Open Championship winner agreed to the settlement – one of sport’s largest – to spare his new girlfriend, the tennis star Chris Evert, an embarrassing appearance in a Florida courtroom.

Norman has been fighting for 12 months to resist demands that he split his $300m fortune equally with his wife of 25 years. But that all changed when lawyers for Laura Norman threatened to drag Evert into proceedings, demanding to see details of gifts the Wimbledon winner was given by Mr Norman and details of trips she took in his private jet. Evert had been a friend and neighbour of the Normans in Florida, and she has been publicly stepping out with the golfer since her own divorce last year. On a trip to his native Australia, where he is surveying an outpost of his real estate-to-clothing business empire, Norman tried to appear philosophical. “Nobody likes to go through what I’ve gone through, but that’s life and it’s over,” he said. “The terms have been agreed to; let’s move on.”

His assets had included a $35m mansion called Tranquillity in Florida’s celebrity haven, Jupiter Island, a personal jet, a helicopter and a 230ft yacht, as well as business interests that include designing golf courses, golf-themed gated communities for the well-to-do, vineyards and a popular sports clothing range.

Mrs Norman said she had been instrumental in helping her husband leverage his fame on the golf course in these other successful business ventures, serving on the boards of his companies until just last year, giving her a claim to over half his assets. At the same time, she brought up the couple’s two children, Morgan-Leigh, 24, and Gregory, 20. But in legal papers Norman dismissed his wife’s contribution to his fortune, in terms that appeared calculatedly scathing. “The wife did not teach the husband how to swing a golf club. The wife did not teach the husband how to win. The golf swing and the success as a professional golfer which the husband brought into this marriage opened commercial doors during the course of this marriage which would otherwise not have been available.”

What at first looked to be an amicable divorce turned nasty after pictures of Norman and Ms Evert holding hands appeared in newspapers. Gossip columnists in Australia and the US had been salivating at the prospect of a courtroom showdown between the Normans, where many of their friends were to have appeared to discuss the breakdown of their marriage.

Mrs Norman was in court in Stuart, Florida, to hear the settlement being approved, after which she donned her Chanel sunglasses and hit the shops with a friend. Although a minor tax issue – about who must repay write-offs from aeroplanes the couple have owned through their marriage – will have to be settled by a trial in September, Mrs Norman was said to be relieved. Her lawyer, Jack Scarola, added: “She’s very appreciative of the fact she has had a great deal of support from the public.”

Last year, Evert divorced the downhill ski champion Andy Mill, whom she had married in 1988, paying a reputed $7m. They have three adolescent boys.

She had been told to bring letters, gift receipts and other details of her relationship with Norman to a meeting with Mrs Norman’s lawyers, a meeting she will be spared. At her partner’s side, Ms Evert said: “I’m very happy the settlement has come through and we can get on with our lives.”

Girl files for relief under Domestic Violence Act. Blames politicians !

Girl files for relief under Domestic Violence Act


She has the guts to fight not just her conservative-minded parents but to take on RSS activists and Mandrem MLA Laxmikant Parsekar — all who have been deciding what her future should be. Nineteen-year-old Sweta Parsekar of Parsem, Pernem — fighting for her freedom has filed for relief under the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act.

Addressing a press conference here on Friday here, an undaunted Shweta even as she was bombarded with volley of questions by press persons — narrated her story on how her parents supported by neighbours and RSS activists have been forcing her to give up her job.

She worked in Mapusa at a shop dealing in mobile phones. Her parents however, started objecting to her job, demanding that she should give up the job, she said.

Determined to continue working, she refused to bow down and things came to such a state she had to bear with assault by family members.

Coming before press today she said, “I want to work — want my freedom and don’t want the course of my life to be dictated by RSS activists.” In a written complaint to Goa State Women Commission, she has given detailed account of her harassment by parents as well how her friends who have tried to help her out were beaten up by people from her neighbournood and saffron elements. They were beaten and given to the police under the pretext that they belong to Believers group.

Currently leaving on her own in Margao (according to her account, she was thrown out by the family) she in no uncertain words told media that RSS followers and even MLA Parsekar who tried to give her lessons on morality, Indian culture and how Indian women should behave, have to pay attention to other pressing issues indeed threatening Indian culture.

“Why haven’t they been able to stop rave parties happening on Goan beaches particularly in Pernem taluka’s coastline? Why can’t they stop drug flow or fight against it,” she asked at a press conference, making it clear that they should keep out of her way and that she knows what is good and what is bad for her. She also fears for her life to go back to her parents.

don’t our police have better work to do ? Why should police be party to a PURE matrimonial dispute ? Mera Bharath …

Blogger’s comments

Why should police get involved in a Matrimonial Dispute ?

For some strange reason, only in India do police interfere into matrimonial issues. such cases are better solved by mediation or conciliation or matrimonial counseling

Dear oh dear….. when will India stop criminalizing matrimonial tiffs

Don’t our police have better work to do ?

============ news item ==============

Man, wife trade charges of domestic violence

Express News Service

Amritsar, June 24: In an unusual case, a man and his wife, married for less than a year, levelled charges of domestic violence against each other, and both have approached the police.

Interestingly, while the wife has charged the husband with beating and harassing her mentally, besides demanding dowry, the husband alleged that he was locked up inside the bathroom for hours, before being rescued by neighbours.

The wife has also alleged that her husband, who was earlier married to a girl from Shimla, had also maltreated his first wife. Kamaljit Kaur, a resident of Batala Road, in a letter to SSP Kunwar Vijay Pratap Singh, alleged that she was beaten up and harassed for bringing inadequate dowry and has demanded that a case be registered against her husband and in-laws. She said that she was married to Inderjit Singh, a resident of Chheharta, in August last and her father Sukhman Singh, a bank manager, who is suffering from cancer, had given dowry as per his means.

She, however, said that barely a month after her marriage, she was tortured physically and mentally. Kaur said her in-laws’ family expelled her husband from their property as he did not have a proper job, had no fixed income. “My in-laws demanded a plot and Rs 2 lakh from me and beat me up when I told them that my father could not afford to give them this,” she said, adding that her father and brother bore their expenses after his family expelled her husband, who, however, continued to torture her.

“He used to keep me locked up, starved me and tried to kill me by throwing petrol and acid on me. I saved my life by locking him up in the bathroom and escaped to my parents’ house,” she said.

However, Inderjit Singh termed these allegations as baseless. Accepting that this was his second marriage, he charged Kaur with being married previously and keeping it a secret from him. “I never harmed her, rather she was the one who locked me up in the bathroom from where my neighbours rescued me in an unconscious state and this was even proved true by eyewitnesses and the police,” he claimed.

SSP Kunwar Vijay Pratap Singh said he had received the complaint of the girl and an inquiry has been marked to Vijay Nagar Police Station SHO.


Re: Advice Please- vivek ____ – new delhi

Dear Vivek

>My Father died in feb 2006 ,my wife left home and
>she filed FIR in _____ mahila thana in
>__early__2006,she pressurised me to get partioned
>in family share and to get her share in her name
>or otherwise she wont take back her complaint and
>sent everybody to jail.but in defence
>,soon we got arresting stay from high court
>except me main accuced in fir i got arrested and
>jailed for __almost a month__ on __mid__2006 .
>i got realised on _almost_a_month_later_in_2006 .
Its very sad that you got arrested for no fault of yours. …..Subject to my idea of *self help* which is very essential : http://tinyurl.com/pxcfz and standard disclaimers as in http://tinyurl.com/947u9

1. Let me assure you, you have crossed the worst

2. The fear of arrest under Dowry laws is the biggest threat men face. Or else the rest of the matter is a pure matrimonial dispute and can be handled as a civil matrimonial dispute…

3. Now that you have already been arrested AND released there isn’t much damage that they can do

4. Your wife and in laws have tried their best AND failed

5. Please let me know if ANY other cases – say for maintenance or Divorce have been filed by either side

6. Also please read general help / guidance here http://batteredmale.blogspot.com/2007/06/false-498a-wife-asking-for-share-of.html
or alternate URL http://tinyurl.com/23vqyb


7. General Help in similar cases here : …My wife was the sweetest on earth. Suddely she has filed a false case against me ….
or alternate URL http://preview.tinyurl.com/29easb

8. Even courts are aware of this malice “..Filing false 498A case amounts to cruelty – Bombay HC..”
altenate URL http://tinyurl.com/2wmosg

9. You are NOT the only one, so stop thinking you are alone : These days I come across 100s if not 1000s of FALSE extortion cases and FALSE dowry cases. The law that was made to protect the woman, seems to be grossly mis-used to extract money from innocent men or to wreck vengeance. Do not think you are the only one affected. There are 10s of 1000s of FALSE cases all over India. Read here for more “..Though the woman who filed the dowry complaint is married to another man, the case goes on after 21 years !!! – UPDATES ….
or alternate URL http://tinyurl.com/29g5y9

10. You are entitled to meeting your son. You will have seek visitation rights thru the courts. Please read here for more. “……abhorrence towards the Father cannot but be the result of brainwashing by the Mother…..
or alternate URL http://tinyurl.com/2q393v

10. SELF HELP TEAMS AT DELHI and all over India: *It is always preferable to get advise and support over phone or in person [numbers below]*. Everything cannot be UNDERSTOOD over mail. We have started many self help teams in India and aboard. I suggest you contact our Delhi Self Help team. Contact nos can be found at http://tinyurl.com/vntjz or alternate URL http://www.blurty.com/users/vinayak/day/2006/12/10

More after hearing from you


Name: vivek ____
Location[City/State]: new delhi
Hear about us: GoogleSearch
498A Registered: YES
498A Place: merrut (uttar pradesh)
498A Date: __early___2006
Any Other IPCs: 3/4,323,406,504,
Relatives Accused: mother,elder married sister,younger un married sister
Jailed Days: YES
Stage of Case: chargesheet
Spent Money on 498A:
Lived in joint Family: YES
Marriage Date: __late__2001
Wife Age: 25 +
Wife’s Education Level: __post Graduate__
Wife works (earns)?: works
Filed for Divorce: NO
Have children: YES
Living With Wife: NO
Negotiating with Wife: NO
Took her Stridhan Back: NO
She had Any Medical Problems: NO
Willing to Help other Victims: YES


My Father died in feb 2006 ,my wife left home and she filed FIR in _____ mahila thana in __early__2006,she pressurised me to get partioned in family share and to get her share in her name or otherwise she wont take back her complaint and sent everybody to jail.but in defence

,soon we got arresting stay from high court except me main accuced in fir i got arrested and jailed for __almost a month__ on __mid__2006 .

i got realised on _almost_a_month_later_in_2006 .

Now chargesheet has been sent to court by police.also she had filed suit under 125 crpc for maintaineance ,also she never allows me to meet our son who is with her since she left home

regards, vinayak

My post above is Subject to
1. My idea of *self help* which is very essential : http://tinyurl.com/pxcfz
2. Standard disclaimers as in http://tinyurl.com/947u9
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