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ASI suicide after fight with wife !! Matrimonial issues are becoming so torturous that even policemen commit suicide

पत्नी से विवाद के कारण ASI ने लगाई फांसी, छोड़ा 4 पेज का सुसाइड नोट
Published: by Rashmi Shrivastava
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जांजगीर-चाम्पा। पारिवारिक विवाद के चलते शुक्रवार को एसपी कार्यलय में पदस्थ एएसआई उमेश भारद्वाज ने घर में पंखे पर लटककर खुदखुशी कर ली। खुदकुशी करने से पहले मृत एएसआई ने दोस्तों को सुसाइड मैसेज भेजा था।
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Husband’s sister arrested, tied in ropes & taken by train ! aftermath of a dowry case !!

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In harrowing incident a sister in law (husband’s sister) was arrested based on a dowry complaint, tried in ropes and taken by train

The entire station witnessed this gruesome incident which has come to light thanks to social media

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marriage barily a month old and already girl and family threatening arrests !!

Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj

Marriage barely a month old. On verge of breaking down because of a demand by the girl which is difficult to be fulfilled right now due to circumstances. Girl gone back home with all her stuff and jewellery ( that gifted by groom as well) and parents saying to groom family – Agree to what we are saying else get ready for a Dowry case. We will put all of you behind bars including your younger son who has recently joined a job.

The man who called me kept saying only one thing – ma’am we did not ask for dowry. We did not take or demand anything. We spent double the amount they spent. Girl got everything given to her changed because she did not like it. Ring, clothes everything. During the wedding ceremony they took 6000 while entering the venue and 11000 for Juta Chupai. Boy side gas given much much more than what the girl side gave and now they are crying Dowry. Also – while they are threatening to file a case they are at the same time saying fulfil the condition and take her with you. Now if we had beaten the girl and demanded dowry, would someone send their daughter to that home?

How long before people understand it’s not about Dowry ?????


two times in life when ALL Indian women are supposedly obedient, courteous, sincere, and respecting

There are two times in life when ALL Indian women are supposedly obedient, courteous, sincere, and respecting their husbands. The first is on Matrimonial adverts. The second is in their written statements / pleadings before courts when they claim they respect their husbands and were most sincere !

what happens REALLY, what happens in between is known to all !!

Why LIFETIME alimony in india ??

In most parts of the civilised world alimony is time bound. In those truly equal countries It does NOT OPEN for women to claim alimony by sitting idle at home for ever and ever. They have to get out and work, they have to get out and learn things themselves . However lifetime alimony is the norm in India !! YES I repeat it is the NORM. Once married, the wife need NOT seek employment or education, she can sit back and expect the husband to provide everything for her

Many people fighting usurious alimony and maintenance cases in India have been quite un successful. The biggest problem in India is that the “system” and commission agents benefit if and only if men pay maintenance and / or alimony.... The “system” and middle men do not benefit if Indian women are made really independent, if Indian women are made really equal and capable of earning for themselves ….

So the loot in the name of LIFETIME alimony and lifetime maintenance goes on in spite of thousands of suicides by married man …. Approx 80000 every year

PS :  Since we face these questions day in and day our, we have blogged many cases where alimony is denied. Here is a link to the same  : 30 cases of maintenance denied or lowered

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