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Divorcee single mother alleges RAPED by friend !!

Who said you can’t file an FIR in Delhi ?? This divorced woman, single mother has filed rape case on a live-in friend she met at a club six years ago !! Already police have formed to team to nab the guy !!

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Journo raped on pretext of marriage

PTI [ Updated 22 Feb 2015, 13:16:30 ]

New Delhi: A 34-year-old woman journalist here working with an English newspaper has alleged that she was raped by her friend.

Police is now on the look out for the 38-year-old accused who was found to be absconding after the complaint in the matter was last night lodged at Vasant Kunj police station.

According to police, the complainant, who is a divorcee and the mother of an eight-year-old girl, met the accused in a club around six years back after which they became friends.

“The woman and the accused had also lived together for a while in the past. The woman is a native of Jaipur but was settled in Delhi, working here as a journalist for an English newspaper,” said a police official.

Police have now formed teams to nab the accused, the official added.

Source /crime/news /journo-raped-on-pretext-of-marriage-7554.html


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Father of a lovely daughter, criminal in the eyes of a wife, son of an compassionate elderly mother, old timer who hasn’t given up, Male, activist

35 cases of maintenance denied, or lowered


  • 1. Deserting wife NOT entitled to maintenance us 125 CrPC. NOT entitled after divorce also! Bombay HC
  • 2. NO maintenance U/S 125CrPC 2 Deserting wife. Hubby win RCR & Divorce. Wife claims maintenance. Bom HC refuses
  • 3. Deserting wife NOT entitled to 125CrPC maint. Civil court finding, binding on Magistrate court! Cal HC
  • 4. Exparte interim us 125CrPC to be modified & even CANCELLED on application by husband.Cal HC & Supreme Court
  • 5. Ex parte maintenance u/s 125 CrPC set aside IF husband not allowed to defend, to lead evidence!! Madras HC
  • 6. Second wife NOT entitled to maintenance under Section 125 CrPC. Husband to plead & conclusively prove 1st marriage. Bombay HC
  • 7. Woman marrying a married Hindu, with a legally existing wife NOT entitled 2 maintenance under 125 CrPC ! Supreme court !
  • 8. 125CrPC Proceeding civil nature. Paternity 2 b decided by Magistrate b4 order !! Supreme Court 1960 !
  • 9. if wife looses maint in civil case, she looses right to file sec 125 and claim maint !! Bombay HC
  • 10. Wife gets 9K maintenance when husband’s salary assessed at 45K; Cal HC
  • 11. amount paid at family court in matrimonial case adjusted in Sec125 dues & NO arrest of hubby! Jharkhand HC
  • 12. No 125CrPC Main 4 deserting 498a wife.
  • 13. Crpc125. No arrest b4 execution proceedings on defaulter’s property. collect arrear similar to fines
  •   14. Whether the deserted wife was unable to maintain herself, has to be decided on the basis of the material placed on record. Where the personal income of the wife is insufficient she can claim maintenance under Section 125 Cr.P.C.
  • 15. Domestic Violence Act, 2005 does not create any additional right to claim maintenance on the part of the aggrieved person; So wife cannot claim double maintenance under CRPC 125 and DV Act; Delhi HC ;
  • 16. Major daughters (i.e.) above 18 not entitled to maintenance u.s 125 Crpc.
  • 17. Ablaa WIFE already making moolah in civil case of sec 125 CrPC cannot make MORE moolah using DV !
  • 18. Arrest for non payment maintenance us 125 CrPC within MAX 1yr,
  • 19. S125 CrPC maintenance adjustable against maintenance in matri. proceedings & not over & above Sec 24 HMA. Supreme court of India
  •   20. Wife Obtained CrPC 125 order in 2004; Not a penny maintenance paid till 2011 !!!! Wife running pillar to post !!
  • 21. Amount awarded u/s 125 Cr.P.C. adjustable against amount awarded in matrimonial proceedings & was not over and above
  • 22. Employed & deserting wife : NO maintenance u/s 125. Even though wife’s salary is only Rs 2200/- p.m.
  • 23. NO MAINTENANCE u/s 125 Cr. P C to deserting wife
  • 24. Well educated employed wife resigning on own NOT entitled 2 maintenance in DV case. Only Kid’s maintenance Delhi HC
  • 25. No maintenance to adulterous wife, but mere depositions not sufficient, adultery to be proved-Delhi HC
  • 26. Maintenance not to punish past neglect, but to prevent vagrancy. To be established wife unable 2 maintain self !!
  • 27. Income & means of wife be taken into account, for determining maintenance payable to her. Supreme court
  • 28. Multi crorepathy businessman’s son escapes wid just 6000 pm. interim 2 children
  • 29. Eighteen years mistress NOT a “relationship in the nature of marriage..”, NO Maintenance as she alienated the legal wife and kids !!
  • 30. willful non payment of interim maint, court can strike-off husband’s written stmt, but he can fight against wife’s case! P&H HC Gem. shows that though husband’s written statements are struck off, he can continue to cross examine wife’s side witness, prove the falacy in her arguments and argue that she should NOT get her prayers granted !!
  • 31. NO maint enhance u/s 12 DV act! P&H HC GEM. Wife separate since 1972 (40+ years) tries enhance undr DV act. Looses!!
  • 32. Kid’s Maintenance to be borne by husband AND wife in proportion to their salaries !! Supreme court GEM !
  • 33. No Permanent Alimony to be granted under Sec 25 HMA if divorce is NOT granted. Wife and kid NOT to get maintenance under Sec 125 CrPC if they were denied maintenance in a civil case as decisions on a Civil case override criminal case.
  • 34. No maintenance to deserting wife. Right to maintenance stems performance of marital duty ! When it is found that the wife declines to live with husband without any just cause and there is no evidence of ill-treatment by the husband, wife is not entitled to maintenance. Rajastan HC
  • 35. Quash Sec 125 CrPC case when a civil (divorce) case is already pending ! Madras HC (old case); A classic case where the Madras HC quashes a Sec 125 case filed by the wife three years after desertion and AFTER  a civil (divorce) case is also pending between the couple. The court clearly states that Sec 125 CrPc is for quick and expeditious relief, when there is NO other relief in sight. So it is NOT proper for the wife to run to a magistrate court and seek relief under sec 125 when a civil case (for divorce and other reliefs) is already proceeding / pending !


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Father of a lovely daughter, criminal in the eyes of a wife, son of an compassionate elderly mother, old timer who hasn’t given up, Male, activist

A husband is on fast the last 11 days… All that he is demanding is JUSTICE .. Salute ..Salam ..may he win !! Jai Ho

Sujith kumar , a husband who was arrested on a case file by his BELOVED wife, has been on hunger strike for the last 11 days.

All that he is demanding is JUSTICE !! He is NOT demanding Anticipatory bail, he is NOT running thru the court kutchery system, he is demanding justice and is ready to fast until he gets justice…

He has been admitted to a hospital and is being administered Saline, but his condition is deteriorating. He has refused to give up his fast until he gets justice. He has been proclaiming his innocence and has been saying his wife has filed a false case on him to get him arrested

I salute him… I salute his bravery. Sujith kumar I wish to be next to you, hug you, join you but I can’t physically, I salute you from afar..

There are 1000s of illustrious sons of this great country, incarcerated for NO SIN OTHER THAN MARYING

Jai Ho Sajith Kumar, Jai Ho !!


Just imagine IF ..only IF some young female was arrested on a false case and was on a 11 day fast !! all media would be on overdrive !!

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एसडीओ ने भेंट कर किया अनशन समाप्त करने का आग्रह

भास्कर न्यूज|कोडरमा

दहेजप्रताड़ना मामले में जेल भेजे गए गिरिडीह के बरगंडा निवासी सुजीत कुमार द्वारा पिछले 11 दिनों से अनशन पर रहने के कारण उनकी हालत बिगड़ती जा रही है।

अनशन के बाद से ही जेल प्रशासन ने उन्हें सदर अस्पताल में भर्ती कराया गया है, जहां उन्हें नियमित रूप से स्लाइन चढ़ाई जा रही है।

मगर अन्न नहीं ग्रहण करने के कारण उनकी हालत दिनोदिन खराब होती जा रही है।

शनिवार को एसडीओ लियाकत अली ने सदर अस्पताल में उनसे उससे अनशन समाप्त करने की अपील की।

मगर सुजीत ने कहा कि न्याय मिलने तक अनशन जारी रखेंगे।

उन्होंने अपनी बेगुनाही की बात दुहराते हुए कि उनकी प|ी द्वारा उनपर झूठा मुकदमा दायर किया गया है।


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Father of a lovely daughter, criminal in the eyes of a wife, son of an compassionate elderly mother, old timer who hasn’t given up, Male, activist

If this woman looks like ur wife RUN 2 police now. She married many, filed FALSE DV & looted them !! Issued in public interest !!

Hyderabad: Woman held for fraud, extortion

DC CORRESPONDENT | February 12, 2015, 08.02 am IST

  • 29-year-old Tandra Hema alias Shailu alias Alekya Reddy

29-year-old Tandra Hema alias Shailu alias Alekya Reddy

Hyderabad: When a 29-year-old woman approached the Sanjeeva Reddy Nagar police on Tuesday with a complaint that her relatives were torturing her to snatch her property worth Rs 100 crore the cops took it seriously. But within a few hours the cops were stunned to find that the woman was a big fraudster and that many of her victims had approached the police.

Tandra Hema alias Shailu alias Alekya Reddy, now a resident of Rajiv Nagar had been claiming to be a joint collector and defrauding widows and low class women promising them houses and lands under government schemes. She also claimed to be a mandal revenue officer and revenue inspector and took thousands from women promising government sops.

Hema also extorted money from four men after “falling in love” with them. She lived with them for a few days and threatened to file domestic violence complaints.

Some other men also became her victims after she promised them autorickshaws and government jobs.

Police thinks that she must have defrauded at least 200 people and that many of them have not approached the police. Police hopes that once media reports come out more victims will come out. The police is yet to calculate the total money she looted but they suspect it would be in lakhs.

“She took Rs 30,000 from each of her victims whom she promised houses under the Rajiv Gruha Kalpa scheme. She took Rs 4,000 to Rs 20,000 from the other victims for land and autorickshaws,” officials said.

After Hema lodged the complaint with the police one SI had a suspicion, and he ran a check. He found out that she had filed false cases against others in the past and had been shifting house constantly. She was also once remanded by the Cyberabad police. Police suspect that she tried to file a case against her relatives in order to create an impression that she was very rich or as a cover before the police started investigations against her.

“She was a school dropout in early 2000 and was doing petty jobs. Slowly she started frauds. She got married and involved her husband too in frauds. However, they broke up and she established relationships with other men who joined her frauds,” said SR Nagar inspector G.V. Ramana Goud. Hema married twice and has two children. She was booked by the SR Nagar police. The Jubilee Hills, Sanathnagar and other police stations have started investigations.

source 150212/nation-crim e/article/hyderabad-wom an-held-fraud-


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Father of a lovely daughter, criminal in the eyes of a wife, son of an compassionate elderly mother, old timer who hasn’t given up, Male, activist