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mother in law, sister in law, aunts can be booked under DV act, Raj HC

Mother in law, sister, sister in law, aunts .. any woman related to a man !! can be booked under DV act,

Raj HC


Females can also be tried under Domestic Violence Act: Raj HC

Jaipur, May 18 (PTI)

Rajasthan High Court has ruled that if a female relative of a husband is accused of torturing his wife she can also be tried for offences under the Domestic Violence Act.

The court”s ruling came on a writ petition filed by Kanees Faatima alleging that she has been booked for causing domestic violence against her relative Sagir Bano under the Act whose objective was to book only males for the offences.

A division bench of Justice N K Jain and Justice R S Rathore has ruled that the correct legal position regarding the interpretation of the various provisions of the Domestic Violence Act is to bring to book all those who commit atrocities on women at home, including matrimonial home, as no one can be spared merely on the ground that the accused under the Act is a female.

The petition was referred to the division bench following split opinions of the two single judge benches of High Court.

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77-year-old ‘cleans-up’ hubby’s home .. thanks to DV act

77-year-old ‘cleans-up’ hubby’s home

May 22, 2011, 04.11am IST

AHMEDABAD: In connection with a complaint under domestic violence laws, the court ordered a protection officer to go and fetch clothes of a old woman from her husband’s house.

Instead, the officer and woman brought every thing from the house including jewellery, weighing machine, knives, framed photos of relatives, religious books and money.

As per case details, 77-year-old Jebunnisa Qureshi had in December last year booked her octogenarian husband, a retired railways employee Mohammed Israel, under the DV Act and accused him of driving her out of her house forcibly. The woman wanted her house back, but in the initial stage of proceeding, the magisterial court on April 28 ordered the protection officer to go to the house in Vatwa and recover her clothes and make a report of the property and valuables jointly held by the couple.

On May 5, the protection officer Bhumika Desai went to the house with Jebunnisa and her two daughters and citing court orders, she made the old man open two cupboards. Besides collecting clothes, the protection officer collected some 30 items that included jewellery, blankets, mattresses, copy of the Quran, weighing machine, marriage albums, all documents related to bank accounts and court cases.

Left with empty house, Israel approached the court through lawyer Shamshad Pathan and claimed that though the protection officer was asked just to prepare a report of jointly held property and collect Jebunnisa’s clothes, she overreached the court orders and forcibly gathered the belongings from the house and handed them over to his wife.

The metropolitan magistrate took up the issue on Friday and ordered the protection officer to return everything except clothes to the old man. The court noticed that though the officer was given specific directions, she bypassed the court order and seized valuables from Israel’s shelf and handed them over to the woman. The court also observed that the officer acted against the court directions to favour the woman.

Asking the protection officer to return all valuables to Israel, the court has ordered Desai to prepare a report in this regard and apprised the court whether the court order is implemented in proper manner.

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No respite from Dowry cases even at the age of 85 :-(

You can’t escape from dowry cases and daughter in law’s ire EVEN if you are 85 years old !!

Dowry case: Plea of 85-yr-old rejected

May 13, 2011, 09.56pm IST

NEW DELHI: A trial court has rejected the plea of an 85-year-old woman that she is too old to torture her daughter-in-law for dowry, and gave the go ahead to the police to prosecute her.

Additional Sessions Judge Kaveri Baweja dismissed the woman’s plea that it was not possible to commit the offence at her age saying that detailed scrutiny of evidence is not required at the stage of framing of charges to begin the trial. The court also allowed the prosecution of the accused’s daughter for harassing and torturing her daughter-in-law.

After perusing allegations and preliminary evidence against the two women, the judge said, “It is a well settled law that at the stage of consideration of charge, the court has to prima facie consider the material on record.”

1 Lakh fine or imprisonment IF you call your wife unfaithful

Men are allowed to call their wives as darling , my love honey etc

Women may bad mouth anyone including the mother in law. Politicians may bad mouth anyone … and so on … Husbands !! better behave

Should a man be found calling his wife unfaithful and not provide strong evidence he will have to face the ire of the courts

IF the wife can’t extract money and vengeance at least the courts will

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