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Woman seeks alimony from her two husbands in HP

Shimla, Mar 29 (UNI)

A woman from Kinnaur, a polyandrous region in Himachal Pradesh, has filed a complaint with the State Women’s Commission, seeking alimony from her two husbands who have deserted her.

Shoba Devi, who was married to two brothers, in her complaint, said her husbands, whome she had been married since 15 years, have re-married, leaving her to fend for herself.

”Being illiterate and jobless, I have no resources to sustain myself and my three children,” she said.

I belong to a region where Practice of a woman having more than one husband still persists because of socio-economic reasons, she added.

Polyandry has been very common in Kinnaur and Sirmaur districts of the state and with passage of time and as literacy levels have gone up, the practice is dying fast.