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Woman separated from hubby NINE years ago commits suicide. Now Husband is chased!! NINE YEARS !!

Techie ends her life over failed marriage
By: Praveen Kumar

A 32-year-old IT firm employee committed suicide on Sunday, leaving a death note that implicates her husband and in-laws for the act. C Smitha was married nine years back and had come back to her parents’ house within 10 months of staying with her husband. However, it is said that there were compromise meetings between both the families to reunite the couple, which did not work.

Her husband is also alleged to have gone to her house and apologised to her, asking her to return. The woman committed suicide by hanging on Sunday, when her family was out of town. Her family had gone out of station on Saturday and when they called her on Saturday, there was no response.

So they sent a relative to the house in Postal Colony in Sanjaynagar police limits. It was the relative who discovered the suicide. The death note is said to have been on the table in the room she committed suicide in. The police are on the lookout for the husband and the in-laws as they are not in the house they used to live in before.

“Smitha got married to a software engineer HP Balaji, a resident of Malleswaram in June 2008. Within a few days of the marriage, the victim is alleged to have been mentally harassed by her husband and in-laws over petty issues. The victim had reported the matter to her parents. Elders of both sides tried to sort the issue out, but they failed. The victim is said to have been mentally harassed by her in-laws, who also asked her to die. Unable to bear the mental harassment, the victim returned to her parents’ house and started living with them,” said an officer.

Even after she returned to her parents’ house, efforts were on to reunite the couple. “Balaji and his parents who were earlier staying in Malleswaram have shifted out.

Efforts are being made to trace them. The victim in her death note has written the names of her husband and in-laws holding them responsible for the incident,” the officer said.

The Sanjaynagar police have registered a case of abetment of suicide under section 306 of the Indian Penal Code against the accused.
Techie ends her life over failed marriage – Bangalore Mirror

Educated women blatantly abusing 498A. ANDHRA HIGH Court GEM in 2003 !!

The Honorable High court takes many steps to save the marriage. It requests the couple to stay alone and visit a psychiatrist. All the steps fail due to the unwillingness & noncooperation of the wife. The court clearly sees that wife has also filed a fake dowdy case and exposes her and such women in this classic judgement

Saritha vs R. Ramachandra on 9 July, 2002

Andhra High Court

Saritha vs R. Ramachandra on 9 July, 2002

Equivalent citations: 2002 (6) ALD 319, 2002 (4) ALT 592, I (2003) DMC 37

Author: B Swamy

Bench: B Swamy, G Yethirajulu

ORDER B.S.A. Swamy, J.

  1. The appellant is the petitioner in OP No.58 of 1998 on the file of the Family Court, Secunderabad. She filed the said OP seeking divorce from the respondent who is her husband, on various grounds. After full trial, the Family Court found that she could not prove any one of the allegations levelled against the respondent, and, therefore, dismissed the said O.P. Aggrieved by the said order, this CMA was filed by the wife.

  2. Having seen the age of the parties, we summoned both of them to find out the real cause for their differences. The appellant could not say anything except that here mother-in-law did not treat her properly during her say at New Delhi. On the other hand, the father of the respondent who accompanied the respondent categorically stated that they belonged to a traditional family where divorce was unknown and that if the marriage can be saved they are prepared to send the respondent to Hyderabad, the place of the appellant, to live with her. Even then the appellant and her father who seems to be an engineer were adamant and they are not agreeable to any of the reasonable suggestions made by the Court as well as her husband except divorce.

  3. Without losing our hope we directed both parties to live in a hotel for one week and try to settle their differences amicably, if possible. Though the respondent instantly agreed to stay at Hyderabad by cancelling the ticket already reserved for New Delhi, the appellant agreed to go alone with him to the hotel reluctantly. After expiry of the time both parties appeared before this Court. The respondent informed the Court that the appellant was spending time jovially during day time but was going to her house in the night-time. The appellant having admitted this fact bluntly informed the Court, that she was not interested in having any marital relationship with the respondent. In fact in the Court itself, she was very jovial with the respondent and talking to him very nicely. Practically we do not find any reasons for the animosity she developed against the respondent. Once again, to save the marriage we directed both parties to live together in any holiday resort outside Hyderabad for one more week and report back. Again when they attended before this Court, both the parties admitted that they enjoyed the life to the fullest satisfaction and absolutely she did not face any problem during the inter course. In fact she had also taken him to her parents house. This indicates that there is no problem to them to lead marital life but the appellant wants divorce and nothing but divorce. Even after leading conjugal life with the respondent when the appellant said like this, we were sure that there is something in her mind, which she did not disclose to us. Hence we directed the appellant to appear before a psychiatrist. In fact, we talked to him and fixed the appointment for them but she did not choose to appear before him. We tried to find out from the respondent whether he was agreeable to give divorce by mutual consent. He told us in so many words that he was not prepared to give divorce and he would wait till her retrieval. It shows the anxiety the respondent has to save the marriage and the affection he had towards the appellant in spite of the ill-treatment shown by the appellant. In fact himself and his father were agreeable for any proposal made by this Court or the appellant to save the marriage. But, the appellant and her parents did not agree for any proposal except divorce.

  4. Hence we have no option except to dismiss this appeal as there are absolutely no grounds for granting divorce and leave the parties to work out their remedies.

  5. During hearing, we came to know that the appellant filed a criminal case against the respondent and his entire family under Section 498-A IPC. From the conduct of the appellant we have no hesitation to hold that the appellant being at fault wants to misuse the process of law and harass the respondent and his family members for the sin of marrying her. We never expected that women would be of such a character in this country. Even though the respondent expressed so much magnanimity towards her, without ill-will or rancor and extended his arm to lead a happy marital life, the appellant just threw away the offer with her little finger. The criminal Court shall take up the case for trial on day-to-day basis and dispose of the same within on month from the date of receipt of this order. In the event of dismissal of the criminal case as a foisted one and the allegations are far from truth, it is always open to the respondent to take appropriate criminal action on the appellant as well as her parents for implicating them in a false case and making them to come all the way from New Delhi to Hyderabad to attend the Courts.

  6. This Court would like to go on record that for nothing the educated women are approaching the Courts for divorce and resorting to proceedings against their in-laws under Section 498-A IPC implicating not only the husbands but also their family members whether they are in India or abroad. This is nothing but abuse of beneficial provisions intended to save the women from unscrupulous husbands. But it has taken a reverse trend now. In some cases this type of action is coming as a formidable hurdle in reconciliation efforts made by either well meaning people or the Courts and the sanctity attached to the mandate that the Courts shall always try to save the marriage through conciliatory efforts till the last, are being buried deep-neck.

  7. It is for the Law Commission and the Parliament either to continue that provision (Section 498 IPC) in the same form or to make the offence a non cognizable one and a bailable one so that the ill-educated women of this country and their parents do not misuse the provision, to harass innocent people for the sin of contacting marriage with egoistic women. We have no hesitation to hold that if this situation is continued any longer the institution of marriage and the principle one man for women will vanish into their air.

  8. The CMA is accordingly dismissed. There shall be no order as to costs.

32-year-old techie murdered at court gate by in-laws in Telangana’s Malkajgiri – The Hindu

32-year-old techie murdered at court gate by in-laws in Telangana’s Malkajgiri
In a gruesome incident, a 32-year-old techie, who walked out of the court complex at Malkajgiri after attending a case of divorce, was brutally murdered by his brothers-in-law a few metres away from the court gate in the presence of his elderly parents.

The victim, identified Chander Yamjala, was inflicted with several knife injuries that led to his instant death.

According to police, Chander was attacked between 11 a.m and 11.20 a.m, while he was going to board his car, which was parked a few metres from the court. “All of a sudden, G Vinay, brother-in-law of my son, swooped on him and started stabbing him with a knife. In the meantime, Vinay’s cousin and two friends too attacked my son,” said Chander’s mother, Sandhya.

Police said Chander got married to Suhasini in 2010 and she filed a domestic violence case in 2015 with the Malkajgiri police, and a divorce case in the city civil court recently.

Sources confirmed that later in the evening, the four accused surrendered before the police and confessed to the murder.

However, the police were tight-lipped on the surrender and denied the reports.

His dad had Heart attack in 3 months of his marriage, wife deserted him, still NO divorce

Don’t get fooled by the #ANTIMALE headline, read the case below !! in this case, Wife kept deserting him, and kept going to her parents house all the time without intimation. Situation was so bad that his father suffered a heart attack within 3 months of his marriage and had to go thru angio. Still this guy gets NO divorce and is asked to go jump !!!

When ppl ask me abouot HOW TO GET JUSTICE ….. I’m just left speechless at the way men are treated by this society

Delhi High Court denies divorce to man who complained of wife’s visits to her parents

A bench of Justices Hima Kohli and Deepa Sharma, however, brushed aside his contention and said, “A wife is certainly entitled to visit her parents’ home and such a visit per se, cannot be the reason for a husband to complain.”

By: PTI | New Delhi | Published: December 19, 2017 9:57 pm

A wife is entitled to visit her parents and it cannot be a reason for the husband to complain, the Delhi High Court has said, dismissing a plea of a man seeking divorce on grounds of cruelty.

The man had claimed that the frequent visits of his wife to her parental home without intimating him and his family members has caused him mental pain and anguish and also levelled several other allegations against her.

A bench of Justices Hima Kohli and Deepa Sharma, however, brushed aside his contention and said, “A wife is certainly entitled to visit her parents’ home and such a visit per se, cannot be the reason for a husband to complain.”

The man had approached the high court challenging a trial court order dismissing his divorce petition.

He had contended that due to a tense and vitiated atmosphere created by the wife, his father had suffered a heart attack within three months of his marriage and an angiography had to be done on him.

The bench turned this also down observing that “these conditions take a long time before they manifest”.

The husband had also alleged that his wife never respected his family members and she extended threats to them, used filthy and abusive language and had threatened him of dire consequences.

He alleged that she is of quarrelsome nature and neglected their child and did not allow the appellant to play with him.

He claimed she failed to perform her domestic duties like cooking food, cleaning the house, washing clothes etc.

“The very nature of pleas noted above are devoid of any specific act of cruelty,” the bench noted.


http:// dia/delhi-high-court-denie s-divorce-to-man-who-complai ned-of-wif es-visits-to-her-parents-4990326/