Sample list of false, vexatious, vengeful 498a cases decried by courts

  • History is made not only by victories, it is made up of pain and suffering of innocents, it’s written with the blood sweat and tears of the honest and harmless.
  • False 498a cases, false rape, False DV and similar cases are a dark chapter in the history of this glorious country
  • I think we are all living thru this history, acting important parts in this divine drama. Some live to win, some laugh it out, some aren’t all that fortunate, but we are all making history, nevertheless
  • As a tribute to the many fighters who have been leading this path, who have lived thru this history day and night, as a tribute to the mothers and father arrested, to the many sleepless nights honest souls lay crying, I’m starting a thread to collect all Judgements where courts have come down upon misuse of 498A, Misuse of DV act, False rapes cases and the like.
  • I hope there are at least 50~60 such cases by various High courts and Supreme court over the last 15 or so years (many predating the famous Sushil kumar Sharma / Legal terrorism Judgement)
  • Also we are NOT just talking of 498a, we are also talking of false rape and the like which have become all too common these days
  • From a more practical standpoint, this will be ready reckoner of judgements that can be used by us in our personal cases or used If we were called for a TV or media debate or even to discuss the depth of the matter with newcomers
  • I’m starting with the following classic cases that came handy. Please add your suggested cases as comments below.
  • I plan to keep editing / adding cases here
  • Thanks in advance to all those who can add / contribute to this thread.


Link to cases (scroll down on page for cases)