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officers ! why cry false RAPE? JAIL THE FALSE complaint WOMAN & see the results !!!!

Suddenly the government machinery has understood that THEY, i.e the GOVERNMENT is at the receiving end of RAPE complaints. Not only are men called rapists, the police and government are called useless and powerless… So all officials have started calling rape complaints as FALSE rape complaints…. As if dowry complaints are ALL TRUE DOWRY COMPLAINTS and Domestic Violence complaints are ALL TRUE DV complaints and ALL needs for Sec 125 maintenance are ALL TRUE NEEDS !!! … My simple submission to these Babus is, Sir / Madam : "…..why cry false rape !!, start prosecuting the false rape complaint filing women, to start with make an example of few of them, put them behind bars and then see the thamasha !!!… "


Tougher rape law leading to increase in false cases?

Sana Shakil,TNN | Feb 22, 2014, 12.28 AM IST
Tougher rape law leading to increase in false cases?
While in 2012, the acquittal rate in rape cases was 46%, in the first eight months of 2013 (for which exact figures are available) it shot up to 75%.

NEW DELHI: Fears have been expressed that strengthening of the law against sexual offenses after the Nirbhaya case has also led to an increase in false cases. Now, there’s some evidence to support this claim. Statistics on the disposal of rape cases in Delhi’s trial courts show a sharp increase in the acquittal rate after the infamous December 16, 2012, gang rape.

While in 2012, the acquittal rate in rape cases was 46%, in the first eight months of 2013 (for which exact figures are available) it shot up to 75%. Sources said acquittals remain high this year as well, accounting for around 70% of the cases.

Legal experts say the high acquittal rates are because of a spurt in the number of false rape cases being filed. The observations of judges in acquittal cases also bear this out.

"This is an unfortunate trend. In many cases, women come up with the plea that they had registered the case out of anger and due to misunderstanding," said additional public prosecutor A T Ansari, one of the main prosecutors in the Nirbhaya case. A senior woman lawyer, who did not wish to be named, said, "It’s sad but true. Registration of false cases is rampant and hence, the alarming acquittal rate. The new law is being misused because of the widened definition of rape."

Experts feel the amended law is "widely-worded" and "ambiguous" in parts and lends itself to misuse. "In around 90% of acquittal cases, the victim turns hostile. Mostly, it turns out to be a case of a relationship gone bad. The sex is consensual but the victim claims that the consent was given on account of promise of marriage," said a senior public prosecutor on condition of anonymity.

http: // timesofindia . indiatimes . com / city /delhi/Tougher-rape-law-leading-to-increase-in-false-cases/articleshow/30807940.cms


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The sinister motive behind media focus on rapes in India

From Indiafacts website

“….India does have a problem with rape. Other countries also have this problem. Yet the exclusive focus by the world media on “rapes in India’ is not justified and raises suspicion of an agenda behind it. Articles appeared now, often written by Indians with Hindu names, that Indian (read Hindu) culture is to be blamed for the rapes, because it does not consider women as ‘autonomous entities’, which probably means that they can’t do what they want. The Washington Post proclaimed that sexual violence was endemic in India. The Reuters Trust Law group named India one of the worst countries in the world for women. A Harvard committee crafted strategies for ‘adolescent education’ to change the Indian mindset about gender. It was getting a bit much. Don’t westerners look at their own record – past and present – and compare it with that of India? Are they not ashamed? ….”

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3 people including husband arrested on Wife’s Dowry complaint; Manamadurai TN

3 people including the husband of a woman have been arrested on dowry complaint by the wife. Ramesh a Railway employee, his mother, sister and few other relatives are alleged to have tortured on Pushpa (aged 25) asking her for 10 soverigns gold and 50 thousands additional cash. Pushpa returned to her parental home and filed a complaint at the Manamadurai AWPS, who filed a case on five people and arrested three

update: 7 members of Pudukottai doctor’s family arrested on wife’s DOWRY complaint

Update following my earlier blog : This repected Tamil Daily from the Indian express group says seven members of the Pudukottai Phisiotherapist doctor’s family were also arrested based on wife’s dowry complaint. His elderly parents, and other relatives are arrested according to this new item

Doctor arrested at Pudukottain, Tamil Nadu on wife’s dowry complaint

Balarangasami (32) a physiotherapist in a private hospital at Pattukottai was married to one Chrumathi (25) native of Pudukottai. Charumathi filed a dowry complaint with the Pudukottai AWPS. Police have registered a case and arrested the doctor !!