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After a clash of civilizations, its a clash of the sexes !

After a clash of civilizations, its a clash of the sexes !

The question is not just about dowry laws but it relates to the complete degradation of masculinity and men in general.

The laws like 498A and the other laws relating to gender have been moulded in the favor of women and partially against the man only after a detailed and sustained attack on masculinity had been made.

For the past three decades there has been sustained attack on men and their sexuality. In the media and the other discussions men now see themselves portrayed as the worst kind if animals – ruthless, cruel, violent, substance abusive, sexually pervert and greedy creatures who are generally after “one thing”. They are portrayed as ones who are constantly harming the women and children.Women and children need the protection from these cruel men.

So, Men and their masculine traits are in great dishonor. This is spreading all over the world. From the Serbian “rape camps”, to the scourge of child sexual abuse, weekly accounts of the press on murder stories, men are seen as a problem which can be dealt only by some “special laws” similar to anti terrorist laws. The positive faces among men are somehow painted as non men or at least gender neutral, while all negatives are labeled as crime that “men” commit. This robs men of their position of pride and forces them to accept a position much inferior to their fair status.

The phenomenon had been worldwide and in India it started in seventies. The task before feminists in India was a tough one to start with. They first attacked Lord Ram and gave him a bad name, labeled him a cruel and insensitive husband. Many press articles debated on this matter of exile of Sita but feminists unfortunately tasted their first victory. After the position Of Ram had been degraded common men were an easier task. Within a decade they created furore over violence, dowry, rape (mathura rape case was a turning point ) and other make believe cooked up statistics. Soon authorities “anguished” over “rising” gender violence & gave women legal weapons one after another.

First was the rape law then the divorce law and then the 498A and now the domestic violence bill. More would follow

Even women associated or related to men are tarnished and rubbisshed. That’s why elderly women “..the husband’s mother..” is arrested. Pregnent sisters, who had the misfortune of having a male sibling are labelled as co accused in FALSE dowry cases, arrested and humiliated. Unammried sisters are also arrested or threatened.

Unless we negate the feminist propaganda as a whole and create an impression opposite the one feminists have created we are unlikely to suceed in our mission.