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the “domestic violence” Industry may soon become global

Baroness Cathy Ashton, the British Law Minister: “…in UK 25 per cent of all reported serious crime is around domestic violence …”!!!

the “domestic violence” Industry may

soon become global

>>>> From Tthe Hindu – Business Line >>>>
Laws of opportunity

Rasheeda Bhagat

Britain’s Law Minister makes a strong case for Indo-UK tie-ups for legal services.

She was in India last week mainly to talk to advocates and the judiciary about the opportunities that British law firms can offer India, if allowed to open shop here. “In a global economy India is poised in the next few years to become an even more important economic force, and we share the same language, the same legal system,” says Baroness Cathy Ashton, the British Law Minister whose ministerial responsibilities include administrative justice, human rights, international legal trade and information rights.

While there are nine Indian legal firms operating in the UK, British firms are not yet allowed to operate in India. She sees synergy between the two nations that can help their legal professionals to “compete against the rest of the world for international contracts. Our legal firms will bring back to India contracts and commercial activities that are currently going on in London that should be going on here.”

She says such a legal partnership would provide job opportunities for Indian advocates, and makes it clear that “we don’t want to practise in your courts”. A champion of both gender and human rights, the Baroness was impressed with the women she met in the legal profession and law schools. “They were highly skilled and incredible; in the mock trials the students presented the women stood out; my goodness, I’d hire them any time to represent me!”

Forced marriages

A passionate advocate against forced marriages, the Baroness is engaged in pushing through legislation in the House of Lords to make forced marriages that much more difficult. She tries to convince people of all faiths and communities that this issue is related to women’s empowerment and fundamental human rights, and says such dialogues have resulted in more people seeking help and support through phone calls. While forced marriages are mainly found in Asian communities, “we hear that there are examples in the Romany or gypsy community too, as also from Somalia and other countries. But I suspect that much of this is hidden. I explain all the time that we’re not talking about arranged marriages; this is about the girls — there are some boys too — having no choice.”

The Minister says domestic violence in Britain is causing concern; 25 per cent of all reported serious crime is around domestic violence. “But the good news is that the rates are falling”. Apart from working with the victims to assure them that they are not alone, specialist domestic violence courts have been set up in the UK. “So the perpetrators are under no illusion when they walk into that court; the folder says `DV’ in big letters, so they can’t pretend it’s something else.”

In the UK each week a woman dies due to domestic violence, but the campaign against it is getting results. “It has become more unacceptable and victims are not prepared to put up with it and the community is beginning to get involved too. We have a big part of the family law devoted to domestic violence… and it’s not just about physical brutality, but also psychological damage, coercion, and so on. But we have to do more,” she says.

On human rights and the much greater trauma of women in conflict zones or during crackdown on suspected terrorists, the Baroness says that while it is one of the greatest tragedies that women and children suffer much more in such cases, “we have to remember that women also are critical peacemakers and sometimes we forget the value of involving women.”

She gives the example of Northern Ireland, “an area of great conflict, where the women first began, in their own local communities, to deal with the issues and problems and came together in a coalition. So the hope for women is that they are allowed to participate in finding solutions for conflict.”

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If Ashthma is connected to DV, what about the suicides of men ?

If Ashthma is connected to DV, what about the

suicides of men ?

Comments : Every year more men commit suicide that women. Yes, that is a fact and NOT some typo !!. Every year more men commit suicide. We believe a lot of that is linked to Harassment at home, a harassment that men suffer in silence

Now, Lo and behold !, askthma is connected to DV….. What next ??

>>>>>>>>>>> news from TOI >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Domestic violence raises risk of asthma: Study
11 May, 2007 l 0439 hrs ISTlKounteya Sinha/TIMES NEWS NETWORK

NEW DELHI: In a first of its kind study that links domestic violence with the rising cases of asthma in India, researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health have found that women who are victims of domestic violence have a 37% increased risk of suffering from the common respiratory condition.

On the other hand, women who had not experienced domestic violence themselves but had witnessed such acts against other female members in the same household were at an increased risk of developing asthma by 21% in comparison to women who lived in violence-free environments.

Similarly, children aged between 0-4 years living with women who experienced domestic violence were found to be 30% more at risk of suffering from asthma.

The research team, led by S V Subramanian, assistant professor in the department of society, human development and health at HSPH, analysed data from 92,000 Indian households where domestic violence was rampant.

Each respondent was interviewed in one of 18 Indian languages. Respondents were asked if anyone in the household suffered from asthma, and were also asked about a personal history of experiencing or witnessing domestic violence.

Explaining the strong relationship between violence and asthma, Subramanian said exposure to violence affected the immune system and caused inflammation, which led to asthma. In addition, those exposed to violence adopt certain coping behaviours that predisposed them to asthma, such as cigarette smoking.

Speaking exclusively to TOI, Subramanian, who is an alumni of Kirorimal College and Delhi School of Economics, said, “Domestic violence is an extreme form of stress that affects psychologically, emotionally and physically. Till now, most research around asthma has been on its environmental risk factors like smoking and indoor air pollution. That’s why I looked at the social causes. The study found a consistent association between being exposed to, and having experienced, domestic violence and asthma prevalence. We expose another terrible health risk of domestic violence.”

According to WHO, India is home to 15-20 million asthmatics while spousal violence is rampant in India. The latest National Family Health Survey-III, carried out in 29 states during 2005-06, has found that 37% women reported being physically or sexually abused by their husbands at some time in their lives.

According to Subramanian, the survey has under-reported the menace of spousal violence and believes it to be between 50-70%.

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.. a close alleged that she was acting under influence of her brothers who had an eye on money…

Friends :

There are 100s and 1000s of false dowry cases filed year after year. Even Supreme court of India has spoken against the misuse of dowry law.  Not just the husband, even elderly parents, sisters and other relatives are unfortunately arrested and humiliated.

News of arrest is splashed all across the net WITH little or NO REBUTTALS from the accused. Headlines and sub titles are added to further make men look like animals

Mind you, ALL THIS IS BEFORE TRIAL and any court has given a verdict. If this isn’t defamation ? if this isn’t trial by media, what else is ?

General suggestion to men who are harassed : The moment you suspect a false 498A case, one has to approach the court for bail …

I do NOT know if the case below is true or not, but I can see a matrimonial matter has been converted into a CRIMINAL case and dirty linen is washed in public

>>>> from The Hindu >>>>>>

Doctor held on dowry charge
`Conspiring to eliminate his wife’

NEW DELHI: A doctor posted at Safdarjung Hospital here has been arrested along with his father and elder brother on charges of demanding dowry and subjecting his wife to cruelty and criminal intimidation.

According to the police, 30-year-old Malti, a teacher with Government Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya, has accused her husband Jwala Prasad and four other members of his family, including the doctor’s mother and sister, of subjecting her to mental and physical harassment and even conspiring to eliminate her. Besides the doctor, his father Phool Singh, a retired school headmaster, and brother Inderpal have been arrested and sent to judicial custody.

“The complainant has accused her mother-in-law and sister-in-law of abusing her and beating her up. Since the accusations against the two are not serious enough, they have not been arrested so far,” said a police officer.

Malti married Dr. Prasad on April 30, 2005. According to her, the two never got along well and their relations soured after her husband got admission to a post-graduate course.

“My husband and in-laws always taunted me for not bringing enough dowry. My status in the house was gradually reduced to that of a maid. My in-laws even tried to force me to go for a divorce. But I bore all this in the hope that my husband would mend his ways one day,” alleged Malti.

Malti told the police that her in-laws had even hatched a conspiracy to eliminate her and made her write suicide notes on two occasions.

“They again made an attempt on my life on Wednesday night and I finally decided to report the matter to the police,” said Malti.

However, a close relative of the doctor, Banarasi Das, alleged that she was acting under the influence of her brothers who had an eye on her money.


<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< More from Zee News Site !! <<<<<<<<<<<

Safdarjung doctor beats up wife for dowry, arrested

New Delhi, June 07: A senior doctor of Safdarjung Hospital was today arrested in northeast Delhi on charges of assaulting and harassing his wife for dowry.

Jwala Prasad, an ENT specialist, was arrested in New Usmaanpur on the basis of a complaint filed by his wife Malti, police said. The two had been married for the last two years.

In the complaint, Malti has accused Prasad of beating and harassing her after her family failed to meet his demand for a new car, police added.

Prasad`s father and brother have been also been arrested after they were named in the complaint by the woman, who is a housewife.

They have been booked under Section 498 a (punishment to husband or relative of a husband of a woman for subjecting her to cruelty) of the IPC.

Police said the woman had bruises on her body because of the beating.

Bureau Report

source URL : http://www.zeenews.com/znnew/articles.asp?aid=375812&sid=REG


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I have already settled the money, but my wife has filed 498A asking for more !!


These days I come across 100s if not 1000s of FALSE extortion cases and FALSE dowry cases. Courts have condemned this. The law that was made to protect the woman, seems to be grossly mis-used to extract money from innocent men or to wreck vengeance.

I’m saddened to hear your story.

Do not think you are the only one affected. There are 10s of 1000s of FALSE cases all over India. …..Subject to my idea of *self help* which is very essential : http://tinyurl.com/pxcfz and standard disclaimers as in http://tinyurl.com/947u9 … may I suggest

>Cry from the Harassed Hubby
>i did not Ask any money in whole of our
>staying with her
>now she is saying i had physically and
>mentally harassed her for money..rs ____ some
>lakhs/- she is _____ (professionally qualified).
>I HAD GIVEN a property / assets of rs ______
>(some lakhs) for settleing matter and wanted to
>stay with her…..but after i had purchased
>flat she lodge false dowry case on me and other
>__ family members,

1. On whose name is this flat / property / asset is purchased ?

2. Who has paid for the flat / property / asset ? if it is you do you have proof of payment for the flat / property / assets ?

3. Was there any written agreement or proof that she would leave you once the flat / property / asset is purchased on her name ?

4. DO NOT WORRY if you do NOT have proof. I am only looking at the hard evidence or other circumstantial evidence that she might have or you might have to prove that the flat / property / asset was indeed purchased by you and that it was purchased a settlement

4.1. In many cases such proofs do NOT exist. However as long as maintenance issues are decreed the court have latitude to look at the content and NOT just the form

5. Have any OTHER cases [OTHER THAN the 498a case] been filed so far ?

If already NO cases are already filed, DO NOT FILE FOR DIVORCE and here is why ?
or alternate URL http://tinyurl.com/34bnmj

6. Hope you already have anticipatory bail for all family members who are accused. If NOT apply for an anticipatory bail. That is your birth right. Read here for more http://batteredmale.blogspot.com/2007/06/re-anticipatory-bail.html or alternate URL http://tinyurl.com/38ytoh

7. A 498A case is a criminal case. You wife will at best try to threaten you. She cannot legally ask for money at the end of a 498A case. All she try is to prove that you threatened or harassed her

7.1. However please note that the conviction rate is VERY VERY LOW in 498A cases. ONLY approx 2% of the 498A cases end in conviction and that too in case where the wife has died. In your case I understand the wife is alive and seeking more money !!

7.2. In cases where the wife is alive, there is VERY VERY low conviction u/s 498a of IPC and so you have a great chance of being proven innocent – IF YOU are REALLY innocent

7.3. If your wife has to seek maintenance she has to file a separate civil or criminal case. You will have a chance to fight legally

GENERALLY …. : ITS LOTS CHEAPER TO FIGHT BACK than just give up and pay these un scrupulous women

The will to fight back is very very important

>…..now she is asking for
>maintenance rs. __,000/-pm i m totally ruined
>by her ……pl save and help me…..

8. Maintenance related issues

………. as long as you have NOT gone ahead and file a divorce case !!….

8.1. Your wife will have to prove that you had harassed here, treated her badly ….. and SHE HAS TO live separately. Otherwise she is NOT entitled to maintenance [as long as you have NOT gone ahead and file a divorce case !!]

8.2. Your wife will also have to prove your salary etc etc and that she is completely in capable of earning before she gets ANY SUBSTANTIAL maintenance

read questions below and especially question No. 21 onwards to understand and discuss maintenance issues. New victim questions : http://batteredmale.blogspot.com/2007/05/questions-for-new-victims.html
or alternate URL http://tinyurl.com/2f2pyl


*It is always preferable to get advise and support over phone or in person [numbers below]*. Everything cannot be UNDERSTOOD over mail. We have started many self help teams in India and aboard.

*I suggest that you call the nearest self help group*

I am also copying this mail to some of our dedicated volunteers

All India Helpline Number: 91-92434 73794 (24 Hours)
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—– Original Message —-

>Cry from the Harassed Hubby
>i did not Ask any money in whole of our
>staying with her
>now she is saying i had physically and
>mentally harassed her for money..rs ____ some
>she is _____ (professionally qualified).
>I HAD GIVEN a property / assets of rs ______
>(some lakhs) for settleing matter and wanted to
>stay with her…..but after i had purchased
>flat she lodge false dowry case on me and other
>__ family members,…..now she is asking for
>maintenance rs. __,000/-pm i m totally ruined
>by her ……pl save and help me…..