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FAKE CASE ALERT !! ‘NRI husbands’ may soon lose assets, passports 😳😳🙏

Deserter ‘NRI husbands’ may soon lose assets, passports – Times Of India





NEW DELHI: The government is considering changes in the law to enable confiscation of an absconding NRI husband’s share of joint property and prevention of alienation of commonly held land to build pressure on delinquent spouses who refuse to answer court summons.

Spurred by reports of several cases, many from Punjab, of “NRI husbands” who marry women promising an attractive lifestyle but turn deserters soon after, a group of ministers has shortlisted possible measures that will act as a deterrent and also help deliver justice to wives in distress.

These measures include a dedicated website for putting up unanswered summonses which will be set up by the ministry of external affairs. If husbands facing legal action refuse to answer or evade summonses, these will be deemed to have been served once they appear on this website. This is to deal with offenders who move countries and sometimes change identities to evade the legal process.

Also under consideration are strict measures like revocation of passports in case of husbands who fail to respond to summonses and declaring them absconders.

Compulsory registration of NRI marriages within 48 hours of a wedding being solemnised is another measure that will be put on fast track now.

The development is significant as the GoM, comprising of senior ministers like
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This is NOT the first time passports are revoked..; this is NOT the first time honest men fought back … The Struggle continues

May 29, 2018

The Current Gummint has been trying to advertise that for the VERY FIRST time a few passports of NRI men have been revoked on charges (or say allegations of) abandoning wives back home

While we know the spate of #FAKEDV, #FAKE #DOWRY and #Fake498a cases that litter Indian police stations and courts, we hasten to add that this is NOT the first time passports are revoked or the fear has been advertised

Nor is this the first time men have legally fought back

Passport revocation or the fear thereof has been going on since the Janta Gummint during 1978 ..1980 ..

In a first, Passport revoked for five NRIs who abandoned their Wives abroad

May 29, 2018

There are thousands of women in states like Punjab, Gujarat, Delhi, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala who have been deserted by their Husbands.

Passport Cancelled
Passport Cancelled                  pic by Times

For the 1st time ever, Indian govt, has revoked passports of 5 Non-Resident Indians on the charges of abandoning their wives shortly after marriage or following disputes abroad.

This development comes after Ministry of External Affairs agreed to a proposal by Union Women and Child Development Ministry to take stringent action in NRI matrimonial dispute cases.

This week, the Law Ministry has also accepted a proposed by the WCD Ministry to issue summons through MEA website in such cases, after first rejecting it on the legal grounds.

“This is a crucial step the govt. has taken to curb this fast-growing menace as we’re abandoned with complaints where brides are dumped by NRI grooms post weddings,” a senior WCD ministry official said.

The revoking of passports will force NRI grooms to return to India & face the trial as they had been evading arrests by not responding to summons despite non-bailable warrants issued against them, the official said.

The step has been taken in cases where look-out circulars were earlier issued last month, as part of a standard operating procedure.

The govt. has been receiving complaints of frauds, abandonment, extra-marital relationships, domestic violence, ex-parte divorce, being duped of money after promising marriage, forceful or illegal retention of children’s custody, non-payment of maintenance among other complaints.

A large no. of NRI Matrimonial dispute cases remain pending on account of non-appearance of the perpetrator jeopardizing women & children’s future, a Ministry official said.

An Integrated Nodal Agency was constituted under the chairpersonship of secretary, WCD ministry to work on the issues related to NRI Matrimonial Dispute. It has proposed measures such a attaching the property of wife deserters & their families in India to discourage such practices.

Independent surveys by some NGOs indicate that there are thousands of such women in states like Punjab, Gujarat, Delhi, Andhra Pradesh & Kerala who’ve been deserted by their husbands. In many cases these women & their families also accuse the men & their kin of charging hefty dowry & then duping them.





HC quashes dowry case against NRI brothers. Indian courts can’t hear matter if demand made abroad

Screenshot - 2_17_2018 , 11_13_47 AM

HC quashes dowry case against NRI brothers

Says Indian courts can’t hear the matter if demand for money is made abroad


Posted at: Feb 15, 2018, 1:23 AM; last updated: Feb 15, 2018, 1:23 AM (IST)

Saurabh Malik

Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, February 14

The Punjab and Haryana High Court has ruled that dowry demand raised abroad can’t be tried by courts in India. The HC quashed a dowry harassment case against two NRI brothers, accused of instigating their brother to such a demand.

“In the instant case, even if there was instigation at the behest of the petitioners for demand of Rs 5 lakh from the complainant, the demand was raised outside the territorial jurisdiction of Bathinda. Therefore, the courts are not competent to entertain the matter,” Justice Jaishree Thakur ruled.

Justice Thakur said specific role, injury, dowry demand, entrustment of dowry articles, “istridhan” or its misappropriation was not attributed to the petitioners. “It is apparently clear that the FIR has been registered against the petitioners only to harass the family,” the judge added.

The ruling came on a bunch of two petitions filed against Punjab and other respondents by Rajesh Kumar Gupta and Rakesh Kumar Gupta through counsel RS Bajaj. They were seeking the quashing of an FIR dated July 14, 2012, registered at Kahnwan police station in Pathankot district under Sections 406, 498-A, 420 and 34 of the IPC. Directions were also sought for quashing all consequential proceedings. Bajaj told Justice Thakur’s Bench that the petitioners’ brother and the complainant got married in 2006. Subsequently, the parties resided together in England. No complaint was made during that time before the authorities there or during their annual visits to India. A perusal of the FIR also did not reveal that the petitioners attended the marriage ceremony; or that there was any entrustment of dowry articles.

After hearing Bajaj and going through the documents, Justice Thakur referred to the reply filed in the matter before observing that the petitioners were permanent residents of England and residing separately at a distance of 175 km from the complainant’s matrimonial home. “Even if, for the sake of argument, it is taken into account that the petitioners instigated their brother to raise a demand of Rs 5 lakh from the complainant, it was a demand that was raised in England, outside the territorial jurisdiction of the courts in Bathinda. Therefore, the offence, if any, had been committed in England,” Justice Thakur added.

Referring to a similar case before the Supreme Court, she said the parties were residing in Canada, but the FIR was registered in Jalandhar, alleging demand of dowry and misappropriation of dowry articles. “The proceedings were quashed, holding that the Jalandhar court would have no jurisdiction to entertain the matter,” she concluded.



Dangers of Indian Marriage ! Wife dead @ Australia, boy’s PARENTS Locked up in India !!

Indian marriages are becoming a gamble. Not just a gamble for the man who marries, but even for his parents. Not just parents living under the same roof or nearby, but even parents living across continents

Yes across continents

Here is a case of a wife who died at Melbourne Australia for reasons know best to her and probably the Australian police ….but now the PARENTS of the husband / man, who were living 9000 km away @ Warrangal India are now locked up !!

Makes sense ?? NOT to me ..

>…..News from public sites enclosed >>>>>>

Dowry death: Parents of NRI arrested

THE HANS INDIA |   Jun 25,2016 , 03:40 AM IST



Hyderabad: A month after the death of a city woman in Australia under suspicious circumstances, the Kukatpally police arrested her parents-in-law on the charges of abetting suicide and domestic violence.

Ramya Krishna Pendurthy (25), daughter of P Purnachandar Rao, who was married to Narla Mahanth of Warangal district, was found dead in her house in Melbourne on May 17. The body of Ramya was flown to city a week later.

Controversy surrounded the death of Ramya, when her NRI husband flew back to Australia abandoning her body at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport.

Parents of the deceased woman lodged a complaint with the Kukatpally police alleging that Ramya’s parents-in-law Narla Subrahmanyam and Narla Suguna and her husband Mahanth had abetted the woman to end her life.

They complained that they had gifted about Rs 40 lakh to Mahanth, apart from gold and flats towards dowry, but Mahanth wanted additional dowry and continued to harass Ramya.

“After investigation, Mahanth’s father and mother have been arrested from Warangal. They are being sent to judicial remand. They have claimed that their son is an Australian citizen.

We are verifying the matter and probe is on,” said Kukatpally ACP Bhujanga Rao during at a media conference at his office on Friday.



10 % NRI marriages troubled. Is it easier 2 MILK NRI threatening them of arrest etc ?

More NRI brides file dowry cases

Published Jun 19, 2016, 1:07 am IST
Updated Jun 19, 2016, 7:46 am IST
10 per cent of NRI marriages troubled, cops attribute this to lack of background checks, cultural problems.
The education of the girl, caste and employment status also affect the amount of dowry demanded.

 The education of the girl, caste and employment status also affect the amount of dowry demanded.


Hyderabad: More cases of dowry harassment involving NRI brides are being reported of late. Police attributes this to the lack of proper background check of grooms, and brides being unable to adjust with the cultural differences after after marriage.

According to the police, out of around 100 NRI marriages every year, at least 10 per cent are troubled. The CID issues look-out circulars against persons who are accused in dowry harassment cases, which enables them to nab the accused when he lands at any international airport.

As many as 27 LOCs were issued in Telangana till April this year. Officials from the Crime Investigation Department, who investigate NRI-related dowry harassment cases, say that in addition to demanding extra dowry, there are many others reasons leading to harassment. In most of the cases, lack of adjustment to the local situation and lack of family support act as triggers.

Parents of Indian brides accept NRI grooms without background checks on his education, job and other issues.  “Many such grooms after marriage are found to be either jobless or have exaggerated facts to the bride’s family. A few people who are already married abroad marry a second time and take the girl to do household chores,” said and official from the CID.

For many parents, their son being abroad is an additional reason to demand more dowry. The education of the girl, caste and employment status also affect the amount of dowry demanded.

“Parents look at dowry as an option to recover  the money they have spent on their son’s education abroad. In the recent past, harassment cases have involved grooms who are highly educated,” he said.

Police says parents should not believe blindly in what the man or his family says, and should do a background check before accepting the proposal. Girls marrying NRI men also should be aware of the cultural and social differences between India and overseas, they said.

He said NRI men also face harassment when their wives fail to adapt to foreign lands and threaten them with police cases.




http://www.deccanchronicle.com /nation/crime/190616/ more-nri-brides-file-dowry-cases-in- hyderabad.html