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Harassed by wife and in-laws, man ends life. NO arrest though !! Pune Mirror !

His wife allegedly did not allow him to meet their son and filed a case of domestic violence; activists say Act needs to be made gender-neutral

The man hung himself at his residence in Pimpri on Friday, March 31. The deceased has been identified as Apoorvajeet Mitra, a resident of Vinayak Residency in Vallabh Nagar.


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Suicide #s ‘..doubled or tripled in women and of these most of them are due to treatment by their husbands and their families..’

When asked about 67,000 male suicides,  Hon Mantri Smt Maneka Gandhi Ji, had the following to say ...There are so many reasons but depressions due to economic reasons is primary in male suicide. This number is doubled or tripled in women – and of these most of them are due to treatment by their husbands and their families . This number is doubled or tripled in women – and of these most of them are due to treatment by their husbands and their families.  And how many of them are ” suicides” is a moot point …” .

She went on to add ” I suggest you do not distort facts to achieve your point. It is sad enough even when one man or woman commits suicide. …”

So, according to the Hon Mantri ji, women commit double or triple the # of suicides as males or probably she meant that the # of suicides has doubled or tripled recently and the main reason for such female suicides is due to (ill ? ) treatment by their husbands and their families.

…..hmm the men claim and married male suicides are 2 times that of females; The Hon Mantri ji says female suicides are 3 times males

I’m all confused about facts ..facts …facts… !!!

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the Original Q & A may be located on the following link in FB http://bit.ly/1UhnEoR

A more detailed screen shot with additional comments is give below

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why NO suicide ??

One guy asked me why I never contemplated suicide in spite of all the fake case shit.

Before he could praise me too much, I told him ‘…That was VERY simple….’

(A) As long as I was married, suicide meant wife takes all Insurance etc, gets public sympathy and marries next bakra. That looked like a terrible terrible deal. And

(B) once divorced, without all the shit, life seemed SO beautiful, suicide didn’t even cross my mind !!!



Why LIFETIME alimony in india ??

In most parts of the civilised world alimony is time bound. In those truly equal countries It does NOT OPEN for women to claim alimony by sitting idle at home for ever and ever. They have to get out and work, they have to get out and learn things themselves . However lifetime alimony is the norm in India !! YES I repeat it is the NORM. Once married, the wife need NOT seek employment or education, she can sit back and expect the husband to provide everything for her

Many people fighting usurious alimony and maintenance cases in India have been quite un successful. The biggest problem in India is that the “system” and commission agents benefit if and only if men pay maintenance and / or alimony.... The “system” and middle men do not benefit if Indian women are made really independent, if Indian women are made really equal and capable of earning for themselves ….

So the loot in the name of LIFETIME alimony and lifetime maintenance goes on in spite of thousands of suicides by married man …. Approx 80000 every year

PS :  Since we face these questions day in and day our, we have blogged many cases where alimony is denied. Here is a link to the same  : 30 cases of maintenance denied or lowered

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MALE Teacher accused in dowry case ends life in police custody; ONE MORE MARTYR from marriage

MALE Teacher accused in dowry case ends life in police custody

Press Trust of India  |  Chandauli (UP) 

June 23, 2015 Last Updated at 16:13 IST

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A primary school teacher, arrested in connection with a dowry death case, today allegedly committed suicide in police custody at Sayyedraja police station here.

Following the incident, three policemen were suspended and a magisterial inquiry was ordered.

District Magistrate Surendra Vikram said Zakhir Hussain was arrested yesterday after family members of his wife, who died a few days ago, registered a complaint with police alleging that he had demanded dowry from them.

Hussain was put in police lock up at Sayyedraja police station where he allegedly took the extreme step this morning, he said.

“We have ordered a magisterial probe into the matter. Suspension proceeding has also been ordered against the Station Officer and two more constables, who were on duty at the time of incident,” the DM said.

Vikram said a panel of three doctors were conducting postmortem. The exact reason of his death would be clear after the report was received.

Source : Business standard