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TN GOVT fined 3 lakhs by TNHRC for Human rights violations, stripping husband naked, tying him to chains

Fined for stripping a husband naked, tying him to chains and detaining him and his mother based on #FAKE #DOWRY #CASE

GIST of news : PraveenKumar a dentist lives in Madurai, TN. As per his complaint with the TN HRC, His wife filed a fake Dowry case claiming there was a 3 lakhs dowry demand. The police inspector who received the complaint, increased it to 5 lakhs… later another inspector and head constable arrested PRaveenkumar and his mother (who is also a doctor), took them to police lockup, stripped Praveen kumar naked tied him to chains and tortured him.

Based on inquiry / trial, the TNHRC has ordered that the police have indulged in human rights violations and has ordered 3 lakhs compensation to the victim husband and mother in law

The compensation shall be paid by the TN Govt, but may be recovered from the police personnel who indulged in these inhuman torture


போலி வரதட்சணை புகாரில் துன்புறுத்தல் தமிழக அரசுக்கு ரூ.3 லட்சம் அபராதம்
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சென்னை, போலி வரதட்சணை புகாரில், பல் டாக்டரின் குடும்பத்தினரை கைது செய்து துன்புறுத்திய வழக்கில், தமிழக அரசுக்கு, மூன்று லட்சம் ரூபாய் அபராதம் விதித்து, மாநில மனித உரிமைகள் ஆணையம் உத்தரவிட்டுள்ளது.மதுரை, அண்ணா நகரை சேர்ந்தவர் பிரவீன்குமார்; பல் டாக்டர். இவர், மாநில மனித உரிமைகள் ஆணையத்தில், தாக்கல் செய்த மனு:என் மனைவிக்கும், எனக்கும் கருத்து வேறுபாடு இருந்தது.அதனால், மூன்று லட்சம் ரூபாய் வரதட்சணை கேட்டு துன்புறுத்துவதாக, என் மீதும், என் தாயார் விஜயலட்சுமி மீதும், மதுரை தல்லாகுளம் மகளிர் காவல் நிலையத்தில், மனைவி சக்திதேவி பொய் புகார் அளித்தார்.அப்போதைய இன்ஸ்பெக்டர் நிர்மலா, அதை, ஐந்து லட்சம் ரூபாயாக மாற்றி, எங்கள் குடும்பத்தினரை மிரட்டினார்.இந்நிலையில், துாத்துக்குடி இன்ஸ்பெக்டர் நாகராஜ், எஸ்.ஐ., ஆதிலட்சுமி ஆகியோர், என் வீட்டுக்கு வந்து, என்னையும், டாக்டரான என் அம்மாவையும், துாத்துக்குடி காவல் நிலையத்துக்கு அழைத்து சென்றனர்.அங்கு நிர்வாணமாக்கி, என்னை சங்கிலியால் கட்டி வைத்து துன்புறுத்தினர். மனித உரிமை மீறலில் ஈடுபட்ட போலீசார் மீது, நடவடிக்கை எடுக்க வேண்டும்.இவ்வாறு மனுவில் கூறப்பட்டுள்ளது.இந்த வழக்கை விசாரித்த நீதிபதி, ஜெயச்சந்திரன் பிறப்பித்த உத்தரவு:ஆவணங்கள் மற்றும் சாட்சியங்களை பார்க்கும் போது, போலீஸ் அதிகாரிகள் நாகராஜன், நிர்மலா, ஆதிலட்சுமி ஆகியோர் மனித உரிமை மீறலில் ஈடுபட்டுள்ளது தெரிகிறது.எனவே, பாதிக்கப்பட்ட பிரவீன்குமார், அவரது தாயார் விஜயலட்சுமிக்கு, தலா, 1.50 லட்சம் ரூபாய் என, மூன்று லட்சம் ரூபாயை, நான்கு வாரத்திற்குள், தமிழக அரசு வழங்க வேண்டும்.இந்த பணத்தை மூன்று போலீசாரிடம் இருந்து வசூலித்து கொள்ளலாம்.இவ்வாறு உத்தரவில் கூறப்பட்டுள்ளது.



HC quashes dowry case against NRI brothers. Indian courts can’t hear matter if demand made abroad

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HC quashes dowry case against NRI brothers

Says Indian courts can’t hear the matter if demand for money is made abroad


Posted at: Feb 15, 2018, 1:23 AM; last updated: Feb 15, 2018, 1:23 AM (IST)

Saurabh Malik

Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, February 14

The Punjab and Haryana High Court has ruled that dowry demand raised abroad can’t be tried by courts in India. The HC quashed a dowry harassment case against two NRI brothers, accused of instigating their brother to such a demand.

“In the instant case, even if there was instigation at the behest of the petitioners for demand of Rs 5 lakh from the complainant, the demand was raised outside the territorial jurisdiction of Bathinda. Therefore, the courts are not competent to entertain the matter,” Justice Jaishree Thakur ruled.

Justice Thakur said specific role, injury, dowry demand, entrustment of dowry articles, “istridhan” or its misappropriation was not attributed to the petitioners. “It is apparently clear that the FIR has been registered against the petitioners only to harass the family,” the judge added.

The ruling came on a bunch of two petitions filed against Punjab and other respondents by Rajesh Kumar Gupta and Rakesh Kumar Gupta through counsel RS Bajaj. They were seeking the quashing of an FIR dated July 14, 2012, registered at Kahnwan police station in Pathankot district under Sections 406, 498-A, 420 and 34 of the IPC. Directions were also sought for quashing all consequential proceedings. Bajaj told Justice Thakur’s Bench that the petitioners’ brother and the complainant got married in 2006. Subsequently, the parties resided together in England. No complaint was made during that time before the authorities there or during their annual visits to India. A perusal of the FIR also did not reveal that the petitioners attended the marriage ceremony; or that there was any entrustment of dowry articles.

After hearing Bajaj and going through the documents, Justice Thakur referred to the reply filed in the matter before observing that the petitioners were permanent residents of England and residing separately at a distance of 175 km from the complainant’s matrimonial home. “Even if, for the sake of argument, it is taken into account that the petitioners instigated their brother to raise a demand of Rs 5 lakh from the complainant, it was a demand that was raised in England, outside the territorial jurisdiction of the courts in Bathinda. Therefore, the offence, if any, had been committed in England,” Justice Thakur added.

Referring to a similar case before the Supreme Court, she said the parties were residing in Canada, but the FIR was registered in Jalandhar, alleging demand of dowry and misappropriation of dowry articles. “The proceedings were quashed, holding that the Jalandhar court would have no jurisdiction to entertain the matter,” she concluded.



Dowry case – FIR quashed !!

#Dowry #498a #Quash
Dowry harassment—When the allegations are shown to be non-specific and not of the degree of seriousness contemplated in law, and when the applicants accused are shown to be living separately coupled with attendant facts and aspects noticed and noted, the alleg mations become too bald to be sustained in law—FIR quashed. : 2017 (2) LRC 465(Guj)

Wife files dowry case & husband locked up ..2 years after Arneesh kumar !!

Thought the Honourable Supreme court has categorically stated that Husbands (other others ) should NOT be arrested on the mere complaint of a woman (in cases where the punishment is less than 7 years), in the famous case of Arneesh Kumar Vs State, ( Arnesh Kumar vs State Of Bihar & Anr on 2 July, 2014 CRIMINAL APPEAL NO. 1277 OF 2014 (@SPECIAL LEAVE PETITION (CRL.) No.9127 of 2013)) ) there are umpteen cases where the husbands are arrested without court order and immediately following the wife’s complaint !!

Here is one such case from Tamil Nadu, where the husband is arrested by the police and there is NO mention of any court’s direction / order to arrest the husband

This happens day in and day out as husbands are subject to arrest and humiliation so that they can be milked high and dry !


1 more Dowry case on 9 people within 7 months of marriage !! Theni, TN, June 25 2016 !!

Just now we blogged a news item saying a dowry case has been booked on NINE people from the husband’s family !! Now we read ONE MORE such case, where a CRIMINAL case has been booked on nine members of the husband’s family …. Sadly, we realise this is NO repetition as the accused person’s name are different !!

Free translation :

Theni, Tamil Nadu. June 25, 2016 !!

A criminal case has been booked on NINE people including a soldier from the army. AngayarkaNNi (27), daughter of Sekkizar was married to Manikandan (30), son of Balasubramaniam . Sekkizaar (girl’s father) works in the armed police at Theni. The married was held in November 2015

It is now alleged that Manikandan (the husband) and his mother Rajeshwari and a TOTAL of NINE relatives are torturing angayarkaNNi , for dowry !!

It is said that, angayarkaNNi filed a complaint with the Madurai branch of the Madras HC and based on HC orders a case has been registered on NINE of the husband’s family !

source : http://www.dinamalar.com/news_detail.asp?id=1550369

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