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Dowry case – FIR quashed !!

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Dowry harassment—When the allegations are shown to be non-specific and not of the degree of seriousness contemplated in law, and when the applicants accused are shown to be living separately coupled with attendant facts and aspects noticed and noted, the alleg mations become too bald to be sustained in law—FIR quashed. : 2017 (2) LRC 465(Guj)


Wife files dowry case & husband locked up ..2 years after Arneesh kumar !!

Thought the Honourable Supreme court has categorically stated that Husbands (other others ) should NOT be arrested on the mere complaint of a woman (in cases where the punishment is less than 7 years), in the famous case of Arneesh Kumar Vs State, ( Arnesh Kumar vs State Of Bihar & Anr on 2 July, 2014 CRIMINAL APPEAL NO. 1277 OF 2014 (@SPECIAL LEAVE PETITION (CRL.) No.9127 of 2013)) ) there are umpteen cases where the husbands are arrested without court order and immediately following the wife’s complaint !!

Here is one such case from Tamil Nadu, where the husband is arrested by the police and there is NO mention of any court’s direction / order to arrest the husband

This happens day in and day out as husbands are subject to arrest and humiliation so that they can be milked high and dry !


1 more Dowry case on 9 people within 7 months of marriage !! Theni, TN, June 25 2016 !!

Just now we blogged a news item saying a dowry case has been booked on NINE people from the husband’s family !! Now we read ONE MORE such case, where a CRIMINAL case has been booked on nine members of the husband’s family …. Sadly, we realise this is NO repetition as the accused person’s name are different !!

Free translation :

Theni, Tamil Nadu. June 25, 2016 !!

A criminal case has been booked on NINE people including a soldier from the army. AngayarkaNNi (27), daughter of Sekkizar was married to Manikandan (30), son of Balasubramaniam . Sekkizaar (girl’s father) works in the armed police at Theni. The married was held in November 2015

It is now alleged that Manikandan (the husband) and his mother Rajeshwari and a TOTAL of NINE relatives are torturing angayarkaNNi , for dowry !!

It is said that, angayarkaNNi filed a complaint with the Madurai branch of the Madras HC and based on HC orders a case has been registered on NINE of the husband’s family !

source : http://www.dinamalar.com/news_detail.asp?id=1550369

Screenshot - 27_06_2016 , 09_36_19

Dowry case on NINE of husband’s family, 4 years after marriage & a MALE kid. Case filed 1000 KM away !!

All it takes to book nine people in a CRIMINAL case in India is a phone call or a few lines from the wife !! A wife can lift the phone call the toll free and “voila” the husband and his family are “booked”

A CRIMINAL case has been registered on NINE people from the husband’s family , JUST based on a complaint an a well qualified engineer wife working @ Hyderabad, 1000 KM away!!! . Conveniently the case has been booked at theni, Tamil Nadu, while the husband is (also) working at Hyderabad !

Free translation of the news as follows. 

Theni, Tamil Nadu, June 27 2016 : A case has been registered against NINE people of the husband’s family based on a complaint by the wife, on Sunday, June 26th 2016 (please note that the news says Sunday !! so obviously this is a 24 x 7 service available !!)

PonmaNi, (aged approx 25) , daughter of Swaminathan from Periyakulam, married Surendran (27) son of Sundaramurthy from ThiruvaNNamalai in 2012. They have a male child. Ponmani an Engineering graduate !!, and Surendran are working in a private company at Hyderabad

In the meanwhile, Ponmani preferred a complaint with the Theni district inspector of police, stating that her husband and family are torturing her for dowry. The police have registered a case NINE people from Surendran’s (husband’s )  family !!

It is pertinent to note that the husband and wife in question (PonmaNi and Surendran) are living a a city approx 1000 KM from the place of complaint !! and God know how 9 people reached there to torture the woman !! (Theni Tamil Nadu to Hyderabad Telangana)

Screen shot and news source are give below :

source : http://bit.ly/28WkPWv

Screenshot - 27_06_2016 , 08_56_45


filing a dowry case is like ordering pizza .. err.. it’s easier as you don’t have to pay !!

Filing a dowry case is as like easier than ordering pizza ! Yes, the women can say what they want and she does NOT have to even pay ! Recently toll free lines have been added !!

Here is ONE MORE dowry case on ONE MORE fine morning, when ONE MORE wife says her husband demanded dowry

God knows the truth !!

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Freepress Journal

In-laws demand Rs 10L as dowry for jobless son

BHOPAL : A woman filed a case against her in-laws accusing them of harassing her for dowry of Rs 10 lakh on Tuesday. The couple got married just before 8 months, while after a few days of marriage she left her in laws home because of dowry harassment.

According to Mahila Police Station sources, 28-year-old Shalini Kaushik, daughter of Balvant Singh, lives at Bairagarh. Her Father is an employee of Beej Nigam. She married Engineer Chandresh Pal, resident of Gulmohar. She mentioned in her complaint that her marriage was solemnised in June 2015. After a few days of marriage, her husband, father-in-law Shubhash Chandra Pal and mother-in-law Usha started torturing her for dowry. They said that their son is an engineer and dowry of Rs 6 lakh was not enough for an engineer, and told Shalini to bring Rs 10 lakh more in dowry. Shalini mentioned that her husband is an engineer but he was jobless and also mentally disturbed. She was beaten by him and threatened of murder if she filed any case against his family.