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Do not let 498a females hug you. They themselves are poison needles. They’ll kill you & UR dear ones together 😢😢

Many fake 498a and a fake DV females claim that they want to come back. Do not fall for that bear trap, beat hug. They don’t need special poison needles to kill you. They themselves are poison and can easily kill you and You are near and dear ones. In addition to telling you they will wipe out all your assets. Beware. Be safe. God bless.


Innocent man spends 55 days in Prison for False Rape and dowry allegations

Are men always guilty ?

Where is the protection for men ?

when we pay more than 50% of the taxes, why isn’t there ANY PROTECTION for men

Neither government NOR police do justice to men


Sincerely regret blogging Arman Kholi paid 50 lakhs for freedom, today’s reports say 1 crore :-) :-)

Rs 1 crore settlement, remorse letter get FIR dropped against Armaan Kohli

TNN | Updated: Jun 16, 2018, 04:50 IST

Armaan Kohli With Neeru Randhawa and (inset) her tattoo
Armaan Kohli With Neeru Randhawa and (inset) her tattoo
MUMBAI: A Rs 1-crore settlement and an expression of remorse later, actor Armaan Kohli (46) was freed from a criminal case of assault and from jail on Friday. The Bombay high court on Friday quashed a first information report (FIR) filed against Kohli by his live-in girlfriend Neeru Randhawa, a British national, on June 3.

On June 7, Kohli had filed a plea before the HC to have the FIR quashed, following a Rs 50-lakh settlement aided by family and friends. The HC, however, felt that Kohli must “contribute something to society” and directed him to pay Rs 1 lakh each to Tata Memorial Hospital for the children department for cancer, and National Association of Blind, Worli, within six weeks.

His girlfriend of over three years, Randhawa (35), a fashion stylist, had lodged the FIR with the Santacruz police alleging that on June 3, Kohli had pushed her down a flight of stairs after an argument and banged her head on the floor, requiring her to get 15 stitches. The FIR was for offences including criminal intimidation and causing grievous hurt by dangerous weapons or means. On Wednesday, after being arrested and denied bail a day earlier, Kohli’s plea was first heard. The court wanted to know if he genuinely regretted his actions. On Thursday, a bench of Justices R M Savant and Revati Mohite-Dere sought an a statement on oath from Kohli that he would not repeat such behaviour. On Friday, the actor sent the statement from Arthur Road Jail, where he was incarcerated since Wednesday.

His father, film producer Raj Kumar Kohli, was in court both days and belying his age—90 years—stood for hours. When asked by the court about the settlement, his father said he was not aware of it. The HC then recorded the statement of Kohli’s brother-in-law that the settleme-nt was in place and two additional post-dated cheques of Rs 25 lakh each were paid to Randhawa between Thursday and Frid-ay, taking the total to Rs 1 crore.

Randhawa, who has left Kohli’s Santacruz residence, informed HC she was satisfied with the settlement and having received the cheques, didn’t wish to pursue the case. She had filed two affidavits recording her consent to quash the case. The bench cited SC rulings to hold that “no purpose would be served in keeping the FIR pending” given the settlement.


#Nirav #Modi’s passport ONLY suspended, NOT revoked.His mother, sister not arrested like #Fake498a #FakeDV. He has ample time to flee

When a #fakeDV or #Fake498a is filed, the the police raid the houses of poor hapless husbands, do NOT wait for them to prove their innocence, do NOT give them time, and in many case go to arrest their sister and mother even. Poor beta husbands are harassed NO end and many have committed suicide due to depression

However in the case of alleged scammer like #NiravModi his passport is ONLY suspended and NOT yet revoked

This gives him ample time to do a #LalitModi and run away to some unknown country and take asylum there

Screenshot - 2_16_2018 , 6_22_43 PM

India suspends Nirav Modi’s passport but he may have Belgian papers

ET Online|
Updated: Feb 16, 2018, 03.32 PM IST


The external affairs ministry has suspendedNirav Modi and his uncleMehul Choksi’s passports for 4 weeks. Both Modi and Choksi have been named by PNB in a complaint that they have filed with Central Bureau of Investigation regarding the Rs 11,300 crore fraud they committed in connivance with a few junior bank employees.

But Modi, according to reports, may have citizenship or permanent resident status of some other country as well.
Modi, his wife Ami, brother Nishal and uncle and business partner Mehul Choksi all left the country in the first week of January. Modi was last seen in Switzerland at the World Economic Forum’s annual meet in Davos (January 23-26). Ami is said to be an American citizen, while Nishal is a Belgian national.

With his operations spread across the world, Modi is said to spend a lot of time in the US. Some associates in the diamond trade claim to have seen him use a Belgian passport while travelling.

They added that Modi used to frequently visit India, but had cut down on his visits in the last two years. “He often said there was little time to fly down to India. But he was quick to add that he was just a phone call away for friends who were never separated by distance,” an associate told ET.

The ministry has given the two one week to respond why their passports should not be revoked. “If they fail to respond within the stipulated time it will be assumed that they have no response to offer and the MEA will go ahead with the revocation,” the ministry said in a statement.

Announcing the suspension, the MEA statement said,”On the advice of the Enforcement Directorate, the passport issuing authority in the MEA has today suspended the validity of passports of Nirav Deepak Modi and Mehul Chinubhai Choksi with immediate effect for a period of four weeks u/s 10(A) of the Passports Act 1967.”

They have been asked to respond within one week why their passports should not be impounded or revoked under Section 10 (3) (c) of the Passports Act 1967, it said.

Born into a family of diamond merchants where the empire spread across continents, Modi is caught in the biggest corporate scandal in the country. But to soothe the frayed nerves of bankers, he had written promising to repay all the money he owed.

But banks are firm and suspect that the promise may not be met. The passport suspension could be the first step from the banks keen on saving whatever they can. They have decided to recall all loans given to companies related to Modi and Choksi of Geetanjali Gems.

Nirav Modi is the brand on which his entire business edifice was built with brand ambassadors ranging from Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra to Andrea Diaconu and retail stores from London to gamblers paradise Macau. Given the scandal, it is not clear how many celebrities would continue to associate and promote the brand, or even consumers who were drawn to the products would step into those outlets again.

That essentially could pull down the sales, profits and ultimately the value of the firm. It may be valued far less than the Rs 6,000 crore that he has indicated.



https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/new  s/politics-and-nation/india-suspends-nirav-modis-passport-but-he-may-use-belgi an-status-to-dodge-sleuths/article show/62945496.cms

Sir.. Give us some tips.. To tackle with false cases… Like Dv, 498a etc.

////Sir.. Give us some tips.. To tackle with false cases… Like Dv, 498a etc…./////

My 2 cents worth :
* Fight back * Maintain calm, and fight back legally.
* Read and understand the law, there’s a wealth of info online ; there are 1000s of favourable decisions floating around the web; use them
* Be sure to fight back, what come may !!
* Remember that THEY have to prove their allegations. You don’t have to prove anything as long as you don’t go and file a case
* Think 10 times before filing cases and starting a war. Offense / attack needs 4 times the force and energy as defense. File counters, responses etc., escalate only when you are sure
* Don’t expect the society or courts to be sympathetic to men
* Use a lawyer like a cricket or tennis bat. The game is yours, the strategy is yours, the ideas are yours, but you need a strong bat to hit hard..that’s all. You have lost IF you think the bat will play all by itself.
* Don’t worry too much about rest of the society. Once you break up, rest of the society may look at you like a rapist…but don’t worry, …. You will find 1000s of affected men and families and they are your new friends and society
* Network with other harassed husbands
* Make it a point to help other struggling men.
* Men and families have to save themselves, no one will come to save us …we have fight this
* DON’T leave your job, unless you are 100% sure of another one. DON’T leave
* Remember the biological clock. You can marry, mate and make kids till 70. Your wife can’t after 35 or 40 ..remember that.
* Make your own strategy. This is like war. No two battles are alike, no two armies are alike, so have your own strategy
* Read spiritual books, read management books, health tips, take up to fitness / exercise, walk, jog, play good sports , do whatever to keep your mind and body active. This is NOT the end of the world.
* There are millions of married slaves smiling away in slavery. We are far better. FAR better. We may occasionally frown, but we are free men.
* May GOD be with you
* You have just been chosen by GOD so God IS with you…