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You can file fake #MeToo cases after 20 years. But Hon Court cannot reopen most important #BOFORS gun scam case Of national importance as it is 12 ~ 13 years old

Supreme Court dismisses CBI’s appeal in Bofors case



NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Friday dismissed CBI’s appeal against the Delhi High Court verdict discharging all the accused including Hinduja brothers in Rs 64 crore Bofors pay-off case. 

A bench headed by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi said it was not convinced with the grounds of the CBI on the delay in filing the appeal. 

The apex court, however, said that an appeal against the same HC verdict filed by advocate Ajay Agarwal is pending and the CBI can raise all grounds in it. 

The Rs 1,437-crore deal between India and Swedish arms manufacturer AB Bofors for the supply of 400 units of 155-mm Howitzer guns for the Indian Army was entered into on March 24, 1986.

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#MeToo cases have NO time limit !!! Women can keep filing cases decades later according to government 😲😲

Survivors of any age can file plaint if sexually abused as a kid’



NEW DELHI: Clarifying the law for adult survivors of child sexual abuse willing to come out and report the case even decades after it happened, the government on Tuesday put out a statement that “an y survivor, at any age, can complain about the sexual abuse faced by him/her as a child”. 

Minister for women and child development Maneka Gandhi has asked the victims to report the cases on the Pocso e-box on the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights website.

“The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012 does not provide for any period of limitation for reporting sexual abuse offences,” Gandhi said. She had written to law minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on October 3 putting forth the ministry’s view based on a scrutiny of existing laws that there is no limit for reporting cases of child sexual abuse and asked the law ministry to “ratify” the same to enable survivors to take action and enforcement agencies to act with clarity. 

In a statement issued by the WCD ministry on Tuesday, it pointed out that they had consulted the ministry of law in view of the overriding provisions of the Pocso Act over other criminal laws and provisions of mandatory reporting of such offences.
— Read on m.timesofindia.com/india/survivors-of-any-age-can-file-plaint-if-sexually-abused-as-a-kid/articleshow/66253317.cms

NO External Injury or Hard Evidence. Still 5 years Rigorous Imprisonment under POCSO just on girl’s testimony !!!

No Injury. No Hard evidence. Just the witness statements. Still 5 years Rigorous imprisonment under POCSO for a 19 year old young man JUST ON THE BASIS of  GIRL’S STATEMENT !!

Judgement delivered within 4 months of complaint.

What about due process , evidence, innocent until proven guilty etc? What about the possibility of the girl lying ??

News below from TOI


2 months jail for #false #POCSO case on daughter’s barber. दिल मांजे more !!

A court has granted 2 months jail for a mother who filed a #false #POCSO case using her daughter. she filed the Sexual harassment case on her Daughter’s barber. During inquiry it has come to light that the case is a false case. the poor barber has been in Jail since June (when #fale #falsePOSCO cases was filed

We hope that in such cases the jail term would be extended to a minimum of five years or whatever the accused would have suffered

2 months false POSCO case - Dil Mange more !