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UNNATURAL SEX / Sec 377 IPC is the latest Weapon in woman’s arsenal

UNNATURAL SEX / Sec 377 IPC is the latest Weapon in woman’s arsenal. Now that 498a has got a little blunt, Unnatural Sex and Rape are regularly misused !!

  • They got married barely a year ago. They stayed together for sometime after he which he left for US for on site project. Came back in two months and stayed with his wife for barely two weeks post which she decided she doesn’t want to stay with him (while he was away she stayed with her parents). Guys family pleaded her to come back. She did not. A 498A, 406, 323, 506 got filed eventually after few months. Given the comfort some people have taken after Arnesh Kumar Judgment, family was advised that they can go and without any hesitation meet the ACP and explain their side. Still taking precaution, only the husband went to meet the cops.
  • At the police station, the girl cried unnatural sex and section 377 got added to the complaint. This man was arrested and sent to Jail. He has been behind bars for last 1.5 months. Lost his job from the company where he was working as they waited for 10-15 days but then expressed inability to continue. His mother has fallen sick and father is completely lost.
  • I asked father of this man who I was talking to just now if there is any medical for the unnatural sex allegation. He says NO – she has refused to undergo any medical test.
  • I remember a friend was asking me few days ago how can someone just allege sexual assault and there’s no medical evidence collected. Well this is how……
  • 377 is the latest weapon in 498A. Wonder what they gay rights activists are fighting about!!!
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