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Why NOT Ban police & lawyers from matri cases! Mantri ji accepts delays, but doesn’t talk of police, lawyers!

Why NOT Ban police & lawyers from matri cases! Mantri ji accepts delays, but doesn’t talk of police, lawyers!

Recently Hon Mantri Smt Maneka Ji held her first Facebook Q & A session. 1000s of questioned were asked according to one of her own updates. During that session one Tejeinder Singh requested her to speed by matrimonial legislation

Her started with explaining the problem as follows “…Around 30% cases in courts today are due to matrimonial disputes. One dispute between husband-wife gives rise to 10 cases on average. Most of these cases are CREATED, MULTIPLIED AND DRAGGED for decades by lawyers, judges and cops-who have vested interests.Around 90% cases end in compromise, where the real beneficiaries are cops, lawyers and judges who get their commission-directly or indirectly.Children are being used as pawns; huge ransom is obtained from men and estranged women are lured to immoral life…”

and suggested that “….Rather than running these cases-like divorce, child custody, dowry, domestic violence etc. etc. under various civil and criminal provisions, these disputes/cases should be clubbed under one case called ‘family/matrimonial dispute’ and must be decided within six months, using summary proceedings.Family courts should be established in all states and UTs (not existing at present); police and lawyers should be STRICTLY BANNED in these cases and may be allowed only in rare situation with court’s specific order with solid reasons….It will help in reducing huge backlog of court cases and will save men, women and children from extortion and exploitation….”

The Hon Mantri Ji was kind enough to answer Tejeinder Singh, but did NOT utter one word about the lawyers or police !! She said “…The length of time each case drags on in this country is a shame for all and leads to a total miscarriage of justice – even when the verdict is fair – if it comes after ten years. Specially in domestic dispute cases , there should be dedicated agencies to handle and sort out these cases. Once upon a time , the wise men/women of the village became the panch and they usually resolved cases within the village that dealt with domestic matters. Now the panches have little value and regard as problem solvers. So we need better mechanisms….”

Hmm… nothing about the police or lawyers ? NOTHING about the “cut” they take

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The Original Q & A may be located on the following link : http://bit.ly/1XGAkbJ

A more detailed screen shot with further comments is given below

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