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there wil B serious consequence IF woman’s modesty is outraged. FINE, but what about Man’s modesty ?

If women outrage women’s modesty, women MAY be punished (we know of one or two instances). If Men outrage women’s modesty, of course MEN will be punished severely, there are 1000s of examples. However anyone can outrage a man’s modesty and no one will be bothered, because after all he is a man !!

Do men have any respect left in this country ? Are men expected to have any modesty or is it only women, the only and only gender eligible to have modesty in India ?

This question often comes up when you look at the legal discourse.

Men have been falsely arrested, their mothers defamed, their fathers defamed, Men are practically stripped naked in matrimonial fueued, but nothing is spoken about their modesty or outraging their modesty.

However the moment a woman’s modesty is outraged there is shit storm, candle march, channel / panel discussion and what not.

Well readers, YOU may decide

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