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Many lakhs alimony and NO contact with son ! Today’s women are worse than British rulers

During the initial days of the British conquest of India we’ll heard of brutal stories where Kings had to pawn their own sons to the British in return for peace

One such instance comes to light in the life of TIPPU SULTAN the great king of Mysore

His two sons were captured by the British and kept as hostages in exchange for respite from attacks on Tippu’s kingdom

Tippu was supposed to have been heartbroken after losing his sons

In today’s flights wives often act worse then the British rulers

They take away money and the children and in some cases even insist that the surname of children be changed

Here is one such case in which the wife in addition to taking money also insists that the family name of the son be changed

This is a reported case taken from public records on the Internet and shared here for the benefit of fellow leaders

We present this case with a very heavy heart but at the same time we all need to know the stark reality that is staring at a married Indian Male !!

Punjab-Haryana High Court

_______ Singh vs _______ Arora on 15 February, 2016



Sr. No.236

FAO-52-M-2015(O&M) Decided on : 12th February, 2016

________ Singh … appellant. VERSUS

__________ Arora …. Respondent.




Present: Mr. Rajeev Sharma, Advocate for Mr. J.S. Dadwal, Advocate for the appellant.

Mr. Ashwani Sharma, for the Respondent


The appellant challenges judgment and decree dated 04.12.2014 passed by the Additional District Judge, SAS Nagar (Mohali). The parties were referred to mediation where they have settled their dispute in the following terms:

‘1. That both the parties have agreed to divorce each other and agreed to accept the judgment and decree dated 04.12.2014 passed by the Court of Ld. Additional District Judge, SAS Nagar Mohali, granting divorce to the parties.

2. That _________ Arora-Husband has agreed to give Rs.13.5 lacs as permanent alimony and maintenance to his wife _______ Chugh in lieu of divorce and the same offer has been accepted by wife _______ Chugh in full and final.

3. That ________ Arora-husband has brought two demand drafts in the names and amounts as mentioned below and has given the same to the wife _______ Chu gh, which she has accepted:- a) Demand Draft of Rs.3,50,000/- in the name of wife ________ Chugh Demand Draft No. 091029 dated 11.07.2015 is of State Bank of India, Palampur Branch (Himachal Pradesh). b) Demand Draft of Rs.10,00,000/- in the name of son Bhavya Demand Draft No. 091028 dated 11.07.2015 is of State Bank of India, Palampur Branch (Himachal Pradesh).

4. That it has been further agreed that no further maintenance and arrears of maintenance etc. in future shall be claimed by _______ Chugh- wife and her son ‘Bhavya’.

5. That it has been further agreed that ______ Chugh-wife shall not lay any claim in future with regard to her son against _______ Arora-husband of any kind or in property of ________ Arora.

6. That it has been agreed between the parties that _______ Chugh-wife will withdraw the present FAO No. M-52 of 2015 and also withdraw the maintenance suit as well as complaint pending before the Women Cell Mohali. It has also been agreed that the husband ________ Arora will withdraw all the complaints before the courts and banks as well as any other litigation filed by him against his wife-______ Chugh.

7. It has been further agreed between the parties that neither party will indulge in filing any sort of complaint in future against each other or family members.

8. It has been further agreed between the parties that the husband _______ Arora will have no objection to the removal of surname ‘Arora’ after the name of his son ‘Bhavya’ and he also will have no objection in correction of the name of Grandfather of son ‘Bhavya from ‘Sham Arora’ to ‘Radhey Shyam Arora’. The husband ________ Arora will cooperate and shall hand over the necessary documents in this regard to wife-_______ Chugh.

9. It has been further agreed between the parties that the custody of their child Bhavya will remain with the wife-_______ Chugh and the husband- _______ Arora will not claim the custody of the child in future in any manner whatsoever. Further it has been agreed that the husband-________ Arora will not have any visiting rights to see his child ‘Bhavya’.

10. The parties to the dispute undertake not to institute any unwanted litigation against each other. With the execution of the present compromise, entire dispute between the parties shall stand settled and both the parties shall be free to lead their life as per their own wishes.

Counsel for the appellant states that he has instructions to withdraw the appeal but the respondent may be directed to withdraw a complaint that he has filed against the appellant in the Bank, where she is employed.

Counsel for the respondent states that the respondent shall forthwith, within a week withdraw the appeal.

In view of the settlement and the statement made by counsel for the parties, the appeal is dismissed as withdrawn by affirming judgment and decree dated 04.12.2014 passed by the Additional District Judge, SAS Nagar (Mohali).

In case the respondent does not withdraw the complaint, the appellant would be at liberty to approach this Court for further directions.



12th February, 2016