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Why NOT Ban police & lawyers from matri cases! Mantri ji accepts delays, but doesn’t talk of police, lawyers!

Why NOT Ban police & lawyers from matri cases! Mantri ji accepts delays, but doesn’t talk of police, lawyers!

Recently Hon Mantri Smt Maneka Ji held her first Facebook Q & A session. 1000s of questioned were asked according to one of her own updates. During that session one Tejeinder Singh requested her to speed by matrimonial legislation

Her started with explaining the problem as follows “…Around 30% cases in courts today are due to matrimonial disputes. One dispute between husband-wife gives rise to 10 cases on average. Most of these cases are CREATED, MULTIPLIED AND DRAGGED for decades by lawyers, judges and cops-who have vested interests.Around 90% cases end in compromise, where the real beneficiaries are cops, lawyers and judges who get their commission-directly or indirectly.Children are being used as pawns; huge ransom is obtained from men and estranged women are lured to immoral life…”

and suggested that “….Rather than running these cases-like divorce, child custody, dowry, domestic violence etc. etc. under various civil and criminal provisions, these disputes/cases should be clubbed under one case called ‘family/matrimonial dispute’ and must be decided within six months, using summary proceedings.Family courts should be established in all states and UTs (not existing at present); police and lawyers should be STRICTLY BANNED in these cases and may be allowed only in rare situation with court’s specific order with solid reasons….It will help in reducing huge backlog of court cases and will save men, women and children from extortion and exploitation….”

The Hon Mantri Ji was kind enough to answer Tejeinder Singh, but did NOT utter one word about the lawyers or police !! She said “…The length of time each case drags on in this country is a shame for all and leads to a total miscarriage of justice – even when the verdict is fair – if it comes after ten years. Specially in domestic dispute cases , there should be dedicated agencies to handle and sort out these cases. Once upon a time , the wise men/women of the village became the panch and they usually resolved cases within the village that dealt with domestic matters. Now the panches have little value and regard as problem solvers. So we need better mechanisms….”

Hmm… nothing about the police or lawyers ? NOTHING about the “cut” they take

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The Original Q & A may be located on the following link : http://bit.ly/1XGAkbJ

A more detailed screen shot with further comments is given below

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Suicide #s ‘..doubled or tripled in women and of these most of them are due to treatment by their husbands and their families..’

When asked about 67,000 male suicides,  Hon Mantri Smt Maneka Gandhi Ji, had the following to say ...There are so many reasons but depressions due to economic reasons is primary in male suicide. This number is doubled or tripled in women – and of these most of them are due to treatment by their husbands and their families . This number is doubled or tripled in women – and of these most of them are due to treatment by their husbands and their families.  And how many of them are ” suicides” is a moot point …” .

She went on to add ” I suggest you do not distort facts to achieve your point. It is sad enough even when one man or woman commits suicide. …”

So, according to the Hon Mantri ji, women commit double or triple the # of suicides as males or probably she meant that the # of suicides has doubled or tripled recently and the main reason for such female suicides is due to (ill ? ) treatment by their husbands and their families.

…..hmm the men claim and married male suicides are 2 times that of females; The Hon Mantri ji says female suicides are 3 times males

I’m all confused about facts ..facts …facts… !!!

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the Original Q & A may be located on the following link in FB http://bit.ly/1UhnEoR

A more detailed screen shot with additional comments is give below

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The women and Children ministry … Is it ANTI MALE ?

Recently the Hon Minister Smt. Maneka Gandhi ji held her first Facebook Q & A. She answered many questions from Indians eager to interact with her. However we were shocked to see the Honourable minister consider many important issues as either NOT within her ministry (while they were) or as Jokes (while they weren’t) and take very little note of the sufferings of 1000s of boys, mothers and sisters

Here are a few examples of what she said, all from her facebook Q & A, which is open to the public (at least as at the time of this writing)

We are giving the questions and answers and also screen shots of what she said

While questioned what her ministry does for young male children (boys) dropping out of schools, she says that is “NOT under me”… ! Isn’t she the Women and Children minister ? aren’t male children considered children or ? Why is this issue NOT under her ? While “bEti padaO” is being parroted all over, what about the bEtA ?

Screenshot - 05_06_2016 , 10_01_37_ver001

When asked a simple question about male vs female privileges, she goes on about how males do NOT take care of women and ONLY the government has to !! She makes NO mention of the Rampant misuse of dowry laws, but claims that men and families are regularly killing women for dowry

Screenshot - 05_06_2016 , 10_06_15_ver003

She claims that men are talking the wife’s kidney and not the son’s when they need a kidney for transplant ! Doesn’t the Hon Minister know that many matches including blood, genetic matching and age etc are to be considered while transplanting kidneys ? !! Does she advocate taking away the kidney of some 10 year old kid because a 50 year old father needs it ? will it match and fit a grown up man ?

Screenshot - 05_06_2016 , 10_06_15_ver004

When asked about a MEN’s ministry or Ministry for all humans without discrimination, she calls that a joke !! Question “….Do you think there should be a ministry for men who works for the welfare of development of men? or i would like not to create biasedness in society, the ministry should be named to Ministry for HUMANS…” she just quips “……Another joke ??….”

Screenshot - 05_06_2016 , 10_21_18_ver001

When asked about women being independent, women being self reliant and using their education, vis a vis just claiming maintenance , she claims even educated women should get maintenance !!

of course women should get maintenance educated or NOT !! - with boxes

When asked about the legal rights of males and females in marriage, she claims that the males have MORE rights in the marriage !! We do NOT know which act or which law the honorable minister is referring to !  In India, either the matrimonial legislation is geneder neutral or they favour the women !! We haven’t come about any laws that are specifically favouring the males !! Either the Hon minister is unaware of huge problems faced by men or she does NOT care !!

Male has more rights to the marriage - with box

The list is too long ! We are really pained by what the Hon minister has said

At one point the Hon Minister was asked the misuse of 498a, she conveniently states that 498a was enacted much before she came to power ! Of course we know 498a was enacted much before she came to power and we know that 498a is rampantly misused. But the question is what is the Hon Minister doing to correct / remedy the situation. Is this government just a copy of the earlier government ? don’t you want to right the wrongs ?

Screenshot - 05_06_2016 , 10_18_14_ver001

Many Honourable courts, many Jurists including the Ex CJI have come out in the open saying sec 498a IPC and similar laws are heavily misused. The government itself has tried to sensitize the lower level funtionaries of this menace … 80000 men commit suicide every year in India and that’s approx 2 times the number of females. Indian Men within the 19 to 30 age group have the highest suicide rates in the world ! The Tihar jail has a complete section where elderly women and sister in laws are arrested and jailed !! the Hon Supreme court has said that up to 1 Lakh women are arrested under 498a !!

We are shocked that in spite of all this the Hon minister has taken a view that men’s ministry is a joke and the misuse in 498a is just like the misuse elsewhere

Screenshot - 05_06_2016 , 10_33_48_ver001

There are at least 40 cases in which the Honourable courts including the Supreme court have categorically stated that matrimonial laws, and especially 498a is misused . Many judgements have clearly stated the remedy. We are pained that the Hon minister has NOT considered any of these !

We only hope that Shri Modi Ji who has been championing and working very had to Sab Ki Saath, Sab ka vikas becomes a reality for the hardworking men of India, the soldiers who protect us day in and day out !!





supporting male children complete education ? “NOT under me ! ” Hon Min Smt. Maneka Gandhi ji #askManeka !!

supporting male children completing their education ?
=>>> “NOT under me ! “
Honourable Minister Smt. Maneka Gandhi ji during


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