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Dowry charge fells Mohanty; ‘Probe will reveal truth’

Dowry charge fells Mohanty
‘Probe will reveal truth’

File picture of Barsa and Raja Shree at their marriage ceremony


Ours was an arranged marriage. However, within a few days, my wife left the house because she suspected my character and alleged that I had an affair with a number of women. How does the question of torture arise when my wife has been staying at her parents’ place for the past seven months? I am shocked at these wild allegations!

How could we have a good conjugal life when we were not even staying together? Her family never supported me. I tried my best to bring her back to my house. We also went to Puri to start afresh, but nothing worked. Time and again, she threatened me, saying that she would commit suicide and put my family behind bars. Her allegations of dowry demands are completely baseless. I am an engineering graduate and have worked with the Vedanta and Tata groups. Only six months ago, I quit my job to dabble in anther profession. I had a good income and I bought a four-wheeler with my hard-earned money. Neither have I ever asked her for a Scorpio vehicle, nor have any extra-marital affairs. I am aware of my family’s social position and would never do anything to tarnish it. However, her familystarted poisoning her mind. Her family has a Congress background and they are using Barsa merely as a pawn to defame my family and me. Honestly, at one point of time, I was scared to bring her back to the house, because I thought if she committed suicide, we would be dragged into myriad problems.

I had never in my wildest dreams imagined that my wife would lodge a case against me. I am going through a period of turmoil. Only a fair probe will reveal the truth.