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‘Mom forced me to frame papa on rape charge’ – Times of India

Mom forced me to frame papa on rape charge’

NEW DELHI: Fact can, indeed, turn out to be stranger than fiction. Check out this real-life story.

A man was sentenced to five years’ rigorous imprisonment by a lower court for raping his daughter. The high court found holes in the prosecution story and acquitted him.

The case moved to the Supreme Court and the apex court said such a crime couldn’t go unpunished, awarding the accused a life term.

And now the daughter, on whose complaint the father is in prison, has confessed in a sworn affidavit that her dad was innocent.

She said she had framed him at the instance of her mother whose relationship with her father was strained. This bizarre casesenior lawyers say they’ve not heard of a more weird twist to a casehas raised several questions.

What happens to the punishment given by the SC now that its very basis has been dissolved? Will the daughter and the mother now be punished for misleading the court and tormenting the man?

How common is abuse of the law in shocking cases like rape and dowry? How rigorous is police investigation into such complaints? The story is that of Asha Ram, about whose alleged crime an anguished Supreme Court had expressed outrage, saying he had destroyed “one of the most sacred relations”.

Only last week it had awarded him a life term, setting aside a Himachal Pradesh high court judgment which had disbelieved the prosecution story and had acquitted him.

Wife may get away lightly

In the West, perjury, that is, lying on oath before a court, is considered a serious crime. Millionaire author Jeffrey Archer was punished with a jail term of one year and a fine of 1,75,000 pounds in the UK.

But it is doubtful if Asha Ram’s wife, accused by her own daughter in an affidavit of forcing her to level rape charges against her father, will face as stiff a penalty as Archer, because in India the punishment is not severe.
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