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Failed former #reddit CEO “#Chairman #PAO” attacks celibate #MEN . She wants to crackdown on single MEN !!

failed former reddit CEO “Chairman PAO” attacks celibate MEN . She wants to crackdown on MEN

what’s her problem if men are celibate or MGTOW or single or whatever ?

oh ! I get it ! MGTOW hits at the root of feminism….

No honey, NO MONEY !!

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///Former CEO of Reddit and board director at Flipboard, Ellen K. Pao, challenged fellow Silicon Valley executives Wednesday to address a malicious subgroup of young men potentially within their ranks.////

////Her Wednesday tweet asked, “CEOs of big tech companies: You almost certainly have incels as employees. What are you going to do about it?”//


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whaaat ? just because a person is an incel (celebate) he is malicious ??