NOTA and its ineffectiveness in the current Indian electoral system – edited post

NOTA and its ineffectiveness in the current Indian electoral system – edited post

i always thought that NOTA or NONE OF THE ABOVE is a strong deterrent to crazy political parties that do NOT care about voters or people’s welfare

I was in for a shock

After reading this order, which seems to have come out recently : http://secharyana.gov.in/web/assets/uploads/2017/02/order%20NOTA%20-%202018.pdf

As per this Election commission order,


7.(i)NOTA shall be treated as a ‘Fictional Electoral Candidate’ while declaring the election results,

(ii)In case, a contesting candidate and the “Fictional Electoral Candidate’ i.e. NOTA receive highest equal number valid votes then the contesting candidate (not NOTA) shall be declared as elected.

(iii)If in any election, all the contesting candidates individually receive lesser votes than the ‘Fictional Electoral Candidate’ i.e. NOTA then none of the contesting candidates will be declared as elected.

(iv)In case of situation arising under sub-section (iii) above, re-election shall be held for the seat. Further all such contesting candidates who secured less votes than NOTA shall not be eligible to re-file the nomination/contest the re-election.

(v)In re-election, if NOTA again gets highest votes then further election will not be conducted and contesting candidate with highest votes (excluding NOTA) shall be declared as elected.

In essence the above order means that

  • NOTA will never win !! (aargh that makes me feel almost cheated)
  • Even IF NOTA gets max % of votes only a repoll will be conducted
  • The candidates will be debarred, but the PARTIES will NOT be debarred, meaning parties or coalition partners can still contest in repoll !!
  • and IF once again NOTA gets max % of votes, NO MORE REPOLL will be conducted and the second max polling candidate AFTER NOTA will be declared elected
  • So, at best, NOTA will help the second polling guy / woman !!

That means NOTA has become a complete toothless tiger

In the current (early 2000s) INDIAN form of Parliamentary democracy and elections a SIMPLE majority is good enough to win. For example you can form govt with just 30% votes

In such a situation where a simile majority works and paid voting IS prevalent in many places, I do NOT believe that NOTA will work. Here are the three possible combinations with NOTA

– VERY HIGH % of NOTA votes as % of total votes polled : EVEN If 51% of all voting VOTERs vote NOTA there would just be a re-election !! and only one re-election (please see above for EC order / conditions)

–MEDIUM % or about average % of NOTA votes as % of total votes polled : if average or medium #s VOTERS (of men and families ) vote NOTA, the remaining paid voters and white knights will have their way which is EVEN worse for us (second best polling candidate wins !!)

– LOW OR VERY LOW % of NOTA votes as % of total votes polled : if only a small # of VOTERS , vote NOTA you will take away power from this politico and give it that that politico who has been or will be screwing you.

So IMHO NOTA is just improperly channeled anger and waste of energy *in the current status of Indian MRA #s and Indian simple majority electoral system*

Alternate views, thoughts welcome which may be added as comments


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