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“Once it was jhatpat shaadi, now it is jhatpat divorce,” – Justice B V Nagarathna , Bangalore

Comments :
– Looks like everyone wants a Jhatpat divorce !!
– Now divorce has become a money making industry , where men are milked millions in broad daylight
– fear of arrest, false DV cases where maintenance orders and residence orders are passed against men, 1000s of cases where elders are thrown out, have all become commonplace
– by the way I am wondering why a so called “mediation center” is wanting to know why / how divorce should take two years ???? again Jhatpat there too ???
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The Times of India

‘Divorce in haste makes marriage waste’

TNN | Sep 15, 2012, 01.24AM IST

BANGALORE: The Karnataka High Court on Friday adjourned the hearing of a PIL challenging the provisions of Section 10A of the Indian Divorce Act 1869 which stipulates a minimum of two years’ separation for a couple belonging to the Christian community seeking divorce by mutual consent.

The division bench headed by Chief Justice Vikramajit Sen asked the petitioner to implead the Church of South India and diocese to know their views on the issue. Counsel for the petitioner told the court that unlike Hindu/ Special and Parsi Marriage Act, which have a one-year separation rule, there is a two-year stipulation under the Indian Divorce Act concerning Christians and the same is discriminatory. The court was also told of a judgment of the Kerala High Court deciding against the stipulation.

Justice B V Nagarathna wanted to know how many cases have been reconciled after mediation. “Once it was jhatpat shaadi, now it is jhatpat divorce,” she observed.

“Divorce in haste makes a marriage waste,” the Chief Justice quipped before adjourning the hearing.

The petition is filed by Shivakumar, an advocate and trainer at Bangalore Mediation Centre.