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Don’t tell me we need more awareness. there’s enough already and it’s time to act !!

Don’t tell me we need more awareness.

News papers, TV debate shows, FB, Twitter, Street corners, everyone talks of how women cheat, how women file fake cases.

Judges have repeatedly spoken about misuse of 498a. 1000s of blogs and FB pages exist on #fake498a #fakeDV #maintenace #Jailbail Industry.

Regional language media regularly posts info on how women kill their husbands to elope / live with lover-boys. National media is full of Indrani Mukerjea type cases.
#fakeCases are now a mainstream issue

#thirdWaveFeminism is not a holy cow any longer. It’s being kicked around the world.
So, awareness IS there … We are drowning in awareness!!.

IMHO What we lack is the willingness to think before marriage and the willingness to fight after falling into a trap

I’m confident that this will change

i’m sure that the tide will turn
It’s just taking time as we continue with the march
#My2Cents #RiseUpIndia