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Dad who does NOT get custody, takes custody !!! News headline = Estranged dad kidnaps kids, FIR lodged

Dads are asked to pay maintenance and not allowed custody of children !!! The children need a dada , still the dad doesn’t have any chance in our terrible judicial system !!! This dad seems to have found a way albeit unusual !!!

May the children have a nice time !!!!

May families live with the biological dad !!!

=========news from times of India jan -31- 2013 =======

Estranged dad kidnaps kids, FIR lodged

Party Shastri, TNN | Jan 31, 2013, 05.33PM IST

A complaint of abduction has been lodged against a man for kidnapping his own children.

AHMEDABAD: A complaint of abduction has been lodged against a man for kidnapping his own children. The issue pertains to an incident that took place on January 20.y

Krishnabhavana Signamala, 30, the daughter of the mahant of International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) Jashomatinandan Dasji, submitted a complaint to Vastrapur police that her ex-husband, Hari Krishna, has gone absconding with their three children – Surbhi, Om and Vishwambar – after he took them to lunch in accordance with visitation rights granted by a court.

A formal complaint of abduction was lodged on Wednesday by Nirav Panchal, who works at the temple. Panchal accompanied the children when Krishna was spending time with them. In his complaint Panchal told police that they first had snacks at a restaurant and then went to a hotel on SG Road where Krishna had booked a room.

“When the children went to the room with their father, Panchal was at the waiting lounge. He claims that two men approached him and threatened him with a knife. They then allegedly put a handkerchief on his face and he lost consciousness. When he came to, Krishna had decamped with the children. He says that he was frightened and shocked and so had taken some time to register a complaint,” said Vastrapur police officials.

Vastrapur police said Krishnabhavna and Hari Krishna had married in Bangalore and the couple had three children. They started having differences and then separated. “Later, a court in Bangalore granted custody of the three children to the mother and gave the father visitation rights every Sunday from 8 am to 8 pm,” said Vastrapur police. Hari Krishna came to Ahmedabad on January 20 and took the children out. He was then accompanied by Panchal who had been asked to keep an eye on Krishna.