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Husband missing… Family suspects his wife and her MALE friends 😢😢 CBI to start probe after full 5 years !! Poor fellas fate NOT known 😢😢😢

5 years after Noida techie disappeared, CBI starts probe

Shafaque Alam | TNN | Updated: Feb 23, 2018, 15

NOIDA: Five years after a software engineer went missing during an evening walk in Noida, the CBI has registered an FIR for abduction against unknown persons.
Abhinav Mittal’s (35) family had approached Allahabad high court, which had directed the CBI on May 25 last year to take over the case.
Abhinav Mittal lived with his parents—Satya Narayan Mittal, Manju Mittal—and wife Jyoti Mittal, in Sector 15. He previously worked for Impetus Technologies and was planning to launch his own startup.

Satya Narayan Mittal said Abhinav had gone for an evening walk at 8.30 pm on October 17, 2013.
“I was returning from Dehradun to Noida that night. At 8pm, Abhinav called me and said that he would reach the railway station for pick-up. Later my wife informed me that Abhinav was not at home and I should come on my own,” Mittal said.
Mittal reached home and found Abhinav missing. The family launched a search but could not find him. They filed a missing complaint next day in Sector 20 police station. The family alleged that the local police did not investigate the matter properly, and registered an FIR only on December 12, 2013.
Mittal said that his son had left some messages on his computer before leaving, which was read and deleted by Jyoti, without informing him. “She did not tell me about the message. She had also called her sister and brother-in-law and a male friend that night to discuss the issue,” he said.

Mittal suspected Jyoti had an affair with her male friend.
Family members suspected Jyoti’s role in Abhinav’s mysterious disappearance. Abhinav had married Jyoti, a resident of Faridabad, in February 2007. Jyoti was an assistant professor in a private university in Noida. Almost a month after the incident, on November 25, 2013, she left the Noida home.
Dissatisfied with the police probe, Abhinav’s family later approached the high court requesting to transfer the matter to CBI. The HC observed that Abhinav had left the house after an altercation with his wife. It further said that the police had not taken any interest in investigating the matter properly.
“Dozens of investigating officials, who were entrusted with the investigation of this case, could not investigate properly and the matter seems to be stranded at the same place,” the court observed.
The court said that had the police officials interrogated the suspects sternly and strictly, the same would definitely have helped unravel the truth and to locate the whereabouts of the missing Abhinav Mittal.
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