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#Mom & #Paramour brutally #strangulate #smash head & #murder 7-yr-old #child to avoid expose of affair : Joynagar, West Bengal : May 2018

West Bengal: 7-yr-old murdered by mother and her teenage lover after he saw them in compromising position | India News

Updated: May 29, 2018, 17:16 IST
Relatives mourn the death of a child at South 24 Pargana's in Kolkata's Jaynagar area.
Relatives mourn the death of a child at South 24 Pargana’s in Kolkata’s Jaynagar area.


KOLKATA: A seven-year-old boy was allegedly killed by his mother and her minor lover because the child saw the two together in a ‘compromising position’ in South 24 Pargana’s Jaynagar on Thursday.

The body of Sadhan Mondal, a resident of Mondal Para area of Rajapur Village, was found inside a sack on Monday. The police have arrested Sadhan’s mother Sagari (28) and her 14-year-old partner in connection with this murder.

Sagari lives with her husband Gostho Mondal, a farmer, and son Sadhan in Mondal para. Their neighbor Sachindranath Sardar had moved to Kolkata with his wife, but their two sons lived near the Mondal in the same village.

Sadhan was reported missing since last Thursday. Following Gostho’s complaint, the police began their investigation. They found the boy’s body on Monday. After news of the murder spread, locals attacked Sardar’s house.

The police then questioned all the residents and came to know that Sagari was having an affair with the 14-year-old boy. After some inconsistent statements, Sagari eventually confessed to the crime.
This is how the events unfolded. On Thursday,
Gostho went to the field for work, as usual. Sadhan was playing outside. The teenager decided to take advantage of Sagari being alone and went inside her room. When Sadhan returned home unexpectedly, he found his mother with neighboring ‘dada’ (elder brother) in a compromising position. The angry child threatened to inform his father. Without wasting time, the teen jumped on the nine-year-old on Sagari’s order and held him tight. The mother then choked her own son with a cloth. The police said Sadhan was also hit in the head with something heavy. The duo then put the dead body in a sack and kept it hidden in the field.
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