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India has 21 million girls over boys ! CNN blames even that on “preference for boys” !!

Indian men are regularly blamed for ALL sorts of things, including those that they are NOT remotely responsible for

For example some 50% to 70% of the rape complaint cases are reported as “rape on promise of marriage”. These are relationships that have gone bad. YES ! just relationships that did NOT end the way the woman wanted. Many of these are relationships where the woman wanted a marriage, but the man had a second thought. Since only men can be charged with Rape in India (India’s Rape law is so biased), 1000s of men are jailed for just this … and these fellas are tarnished as rapists, just because a relationship went bad.

Similarly, 10s of 1000s of fake dowry and Domestic violence cases are already documented and even decried by courts.

Now, to add to the “blame the patriarchy” , “blame Male preference” game, parents having MORE girls, is somehow blamed on MALE PREFERENCE !!

YES ! you read that right

Having more girls is due to “MALE PREFERENCE” !!

While I see NO logic in this thinking. I can only conclude that Indian parents have woken up to the fact the GIRLS have FAR MORE legal rights than sons. Parents know that GIRLS will have a much bigger say in deciding the course of their partners, houses, money and a lot of things, so parents want winners as children and are choosing girls

However popular narrative and logic need NOT go together, so …..

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