we had #SEX for seven months, now I think it’s #rape !! Girl beats up boy and creates a scene at Police station

This video is submitted to ALL those idiots who jump when a woman screams “rape” !!

A girl beats up a boy, drags him to police and says he established physical relationship with her on the promise of marriage and that continued for SEVEN months. The boy completely denies the allegations and also states that the girl is habituated to threatening men with false rape. He is not even her classmate.

The girl makes so much of a scene that the police are shocked !!!

Looks like another “…regular…” who claims all sex = rape !! even though she seems to have had sex for seven long months and is college educated etc !!

here’s the video




Mother’s FRIEND brutally kills 9 yr old son to teach legal husband a lesson !! Police have NOT arrested the mother / woman !!

The mother, by name Manjula (aged approx 38 years) a widow from her first marriage, got married to her second husband one Mr Karthikeyan (aged approx 37) and father of poor / dead kid. Karthikeyan was an interior designed.

Manjula later developed an illicit affair with another younger fellow named Nagaraj.

When the legal / second husband Mr Karthikeyan demanded that the illicit lover move away, the illicit lover kidnapped and killed his son 😦

so far MANJULA has NOT been arrested !! and police say they are just probing the case !!


9-year-old kidnapped, murdered

Special Correspondent
CHENNAI, March 02, 2018 00:00 IST

Police said the boy went willingly with Nagaraj as he was an acquaintance.Special Arrangement

Killer was in a relationship with victim’s mother; body found in an apartment complex in Selaiyur

nine year old kid

A nine-year-old boy was kidnapped and brutally murdered, reportedly by his mother’s lover, after her husband demanded that they end their relationship. The accused, E. Nagaraj, 27, has been arrested.

Rithesh Sai, 9, was the son of Manjula, 39, an assistant section officer in Tangedco and Karthikeyan, 37, an interior decorator, who lived on Ezhumalai Street, Bharathi Nagar, Nesapakkam. Following a complaint from Mr. Karthikeyan that his son, who had gone for a tuition class, was missing, the MGR Nagar police began an investigation on Wednesday night. They discovered the body in an apartment complex on IAF Road in East Tambaram on Thursday morning

According to the police, Manjula got a job in Tangedco on compassionate grounds after her first husband died a few years ago. Later, she married Mr. Karthikeyan. He was involved in the construction industry and became acquainted with Nagaraj a year-and-a-half ago. Nagaraj, who lived on the same street, often took Rithesh to Hindi tuition classes.

Accused was warned

A senior police officer said, “Nagaraj had an affair with Manjula. Karthikeyan complained about the affair to the police, besides abusing Nagaraj and warning him to stay away from his wife. Infuriated over this, Nagaraj kidnapped the child and murdered him in Selaiyur.”

The police officer said Nagaraj picked up the child from the tuition centre around 7 p.m on his bike. Since the boy knew Nagaraj, he went with him willingly. Nagaraj bought the child chocolates and ice cream and took him to an apartment that was under construction near Selaiyur. First, he tried to strangle Rithesh, but when that did not work, he drove the broken edge of a bottle into his neck and then, hit him with an iron rod.

He fled the scene but was caught at the Ramavaram bus stand on Thursday morning.

The body was sent to the Government Royapettah Hospital for post-mortem. Nagaraj was arrested and remanded to judicial custody after being booked under Sections 364 (kidnapping in order to murder) and 302 (murder) of the Indian Penal Code. Assistant Commissioner of Police Vincent Jayaraj said they were probing the role of Ms. Manjula. “If prima facie evidence is found indicating her involvement, we will arrest her,” he added.

Wife, paramour BEAT husband husband DEAD, throw body on Highway. Eye Rs 5 Million insurance. Dharmapuri, TN.

DharmaPuri; Tamil Nadu ; India

March 18, 2018

Source : Dinamalar . com

Madhesan, (45) was a resident of Periyampatti, near karimangalam, in Dharmapuri district of Tamil Nadu. He was living there with his wife Revathi aged 40. The couple had two kids. Elder son was aged 20 years. Madhesan was a textile trader.

He was found dead on the Dharmapuri – KrishNagiri highway (Part of the National Highway) with multiple injuries to his body. It was originally thought to be an accident.

Police suspected his wife and started an inquiry.

During the inquiry it was revealed that his Revathi ( wife of the dead MAdhesan, mother of two kids, elder one 20 years old !!) had developed illicit relations with a fellow named Jeyaprakash (40 years old).

Jeyaprakash and Revathi found the legal husband a hindrance to their affair. They also wanted to usurp the Insurance money of 50 Lakhs (Madhevan’s life cover)

So they hired a few goons and BEAT the poor husband to death, later throwing his body on the road. Police uncover the entire murder and arrest the hired killers and the wife

Screenshot - 3_17_2018 , 6_30_30 AM





I am NOT a #HasinJahan supporter. But when an #alfa faces #karma I grab the popcorn :-) Forgive me oh Lord !! :-)

I am NOT a #HasinJahan supporter. NOT at all. But when an #alfa, who NEVER worried about #MensRights, who never worried about #MalePlight, or the plight of mothers , fathers, brothers and sisters, when such an #AlfaMale faces #Karma, I feel like grabbing #popCorn !! Forgive me oh Lord ! 🙂