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Actor Arman Kholi pays 50,00,000 for freedom from live-in girlfriend 😳😳😳😳Bombay High Court quashes FIR against Armaan Kohli


Friday, 15 June 2018 | IANS | Mumbai


The Bombay High Court on Friday quashed an FIR against Bollywood actor Armaan Kohli for assaulting his girlfriend.

Armaan was arrested from Lonavala on Tuesday after an FIR was lodged by his live-in partner Neeru Randhawa for assaulting her physically.

“The High Court has directed the superintendent of Arthur Road jail to release him (Armaan) as the matter has been quashed and nothing remains pending,” Armaan’s lawyer Lakshmi Raman told IANS.

The case has been quashed after Armaan paid a hefty compensation to Neeru.

“It is a full and final settlement between Armaan and Neeru, where he earlier paid an amount of Rs 50 lakh and today he paid two post-dated cheques of Rs 25,000,” Raman said.

The High Court judge also demanded an affidavit from Armaan saying he regrets whatever happened and that he will never attempt such an act ever again.

According to Raman, this affidavit was submitted in the court on Friday.

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In Indian Madhya Pradesh it’s all female dons

In MP, iT’s fierce female dons who run the underworld

Manjari Mishra, TNN Jan 29, 2013, 06.27AM IST

JABALPUR: No more confined to petty offences, women from Madhya Pradesh now graduate to play lead roles in local crime world. From heading illicit breweries, bootlegging, human trafficking, money lending racket to robbing a bank, their performances, police officers, admit rivals if not better men’s.

This month alone, Mahakaushal region has seen two externment orders against two female dons. Anusuyia, 38, kingpin of illicit liquor has been forbidden to enter Jabalpur and adjoining districts after she was hauled up 19th time before the court for the same offence. Undaunted, the woman is convinced that “tadipar” order will only establish her more firmly in the male dominated business. Anusuyia is closely followed by Santoshi Bai. The latter was externed from Chhatarpur for one year after she was found to be heading an inter-state human trafficking racket, and like Anusuyia, Santoshi is also, according to the records, a habitual offender.

Externment of women, not so long ago, was something unheard of and is still something very rare, says inspector general (IG) Sagar Pankaj Shrivastava. However, their extensive criminal records, he says, leaves little choice with authorities.

Sampurna Laxmi’s name spells terror among Ranjhi labourers and daily wagers. Running a money lending racket for last 10 years Laxmi, was known to manhandle and brutally assault her defaulting creditors but none had the courage to lodge a police complaint, she finally was trounced, again, by a woman creditor, says Jabalpur superintendent of police (SP) Harinarain Chari Mishra.

Alice Phillips had borrowed Rs 16,000 and had already paid back 35,000 and was being harassed by Laxmi to cough up another 10,000. After Laxmi threatened to blow up her home and kidnap her children, Alice filed an FIR and got her tormentor arrested. But Mishra is not expecting any miracles. “A true hardened criminal she appeared far from being remorseful and would like to regain lost ground once out of jail,” he says.

List of these hardcore professionals runs long. Shabina Bi from Gohalpur has 18 cases of assault, forcibly entering the house, destruction of property, stabbing and three cases under section 3/5 of explosive act (lobbing bombs) against her. While, Baby Kuchbandia with 39 cases of assault (chaakubazi) battery, rioting, affray and house trespass while Lakhi Burman, Jhunia Bai, Sundaria Bai and at least a dozen more who have more than 12 cases to their names and are absconding.

In Rajgarh, Shajapur and Guna belt, women criminals easily outnumber men claimed, Shrivastava. IG also recounted a recent case in Ajaygarh, Panna where a young woman has been caught on camera trying to force open an ATM with the help of a gas cutter. After a police patrol vehicle approached the ATM the gang beat a hasty retreat but not before third image was captured. The photograph is circulated and hunt is on for the female suspect.