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Youth exonerated from Fake rape case after 5 years in jail. was 18 when he went to jail

A youth has been exonerated from a fake rape case filed on him after he spent 5 years in jail. He even had CCTV footage showing that he was in a multiplex cinema theater when alleged crime was supposed to of happened. He was the son of a tea stall owner and a boy working in the tea stall was the original accused who has left off after a simple punishment by the juvenile justice board. However a few days later the girl’s father filed another complaint on prince who was the son of the tea stall owner. Prince’s father had a heart attack and the family had to raise loans to fight his legal case. Prince who was scoring 90% marks in BCOM lost his entire career over the five years.



Many honest students BENEFIT from PG NEET entrance exams

TN’s leftist-fake dravidian cabal ( NOT HONEST ones) but THE FAKES opposed #NEET Medical entrance exams tooth and Nail. I recall numerous TV shows where anchors played bleeding hearts when Honest ppl supported #NEET as progressive. They have now gone silent. This news is not even a footnote is their fast news.

It is this genre of mindless journalism that will die for a very simple reason. It has no economics. The crony capitalists will stop seeing value. Better governance Will Simply make these models obsolete. Wait. Then there is digital and social media where every professional transgression will be called out quickly.

Adapted From the Facebook post of Shri Shyam Shekar

News :

One IN seven doctors who ACED PG NEET from Tamil Nadu