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Why I am NOT convinced about NOTA in the current Indian electoral system

Why I am NOT convinced about NOTA or its effectiveness in the current Indian electoral system

In the current (early 2000s) INDIAN form of Parliamentary democracy and elections a SIMPLE majority is good enough to win

For example you can form govt with just 30% votes

– If every voting VOTER votes NOTA there would just be a re-election !! 🙂 🙂

– if average or medium #s VOTERS (of men and families ) vote NOTA, the remaining paid voters and white knights will have their way which is EVEN worse for us

– if only a small # of VOTERS , vote NOTA you will take away power from this politico and give it that that politico who has been or will be screwing you.

So IMHO NOTA is just improperly channeled anger and waste of energy *in the current status of Indian MRA #s and Indian simple majority electoral system*

Alternate views, thoughts welcome


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