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Lady advocate’s midnight visit to producer’s farm house & rape accusations !!!

A Lady advocate went to a Marathi Producer’s farmhouse all by herself one hour after midnight saying she wanted to read some script. She did NOT know that producer before. It was her first meeting with that man !

She accused him of Rape 2 days later.

The producer was arrested !!

This happened in January 2013. Yes six years ago !

The court examined many witnesses, one of whom was the producer’s driver. The driver testified that she was ok when she when it and OK when she came out.

The court found her accusations unreliable and acquitted the accused male.

IF you ask why this woman went to a farm house all by herself at 1 AM, and claimed rape 2 days later, then you are guilty of something called "victim shamming"

If you ask what the punishment to this woman, you will get a blank stare

Meanwhile the accused male is busy trying to get back his name, which he may never get back AFTER SIX years !!

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