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How a 48 year old married woman officer suckered an Army Major into marriage & threatened Fake Rape

A 48 year old married woman, an officer at MP Government, with daughters, cheats a 30 year old army Major, marries him, honey moons with him, lives with him and threatens #FakeRape on him when found out !

The Accused woman is an OFFICER in the MP Administration !! She is herself ALSO the wife of a cop. SHE HAS KIDS

This 48 year old woman with kids creates a fake ID on Tinder and meets the Army major on tinder and slowly starts dating / trapping him

The poor Army major was trapped because of his kindness

Throughout their courtship she claims she looks aged because of a rare disease / heart ailment and the poor Army Major believes her Eventually they meet, marry, travel around, live together etc

Thankfully Army Officer finds out when her original ID etc are found one day

Even then he confronts her and just leaves her, meaning he does NOT file a case on her

She on the other hand writes to the Army and tries to spoil his career and life . She threatens to file #FALSE #RAPE case on The Army Major who is the real victim in this case !!

Finally under great pressure he reaches the police. Now the matter has been blown out and police have JUST BOOKED her

As per news reports, NO ARREST has been made so far

This is the fate of married men in India

Unless you are VERY VERY careful, marriage is a BLOODY gamble

Cop’s wife booked for cheating Army officer into marriage

Times of India

Karishma Kotwal


In a bizarre case, police have booked a police officer’s wife for fraudulently marrying an Army officer, while claiming that she is in her twenties and unmarried.

The accused, a 48-year-old, is an officer in the Madhya Pradesh administration.

Annapurna police station TI Satish Kumar Devedi said, “An FIR has been filed against her under IPC sections 389, 419, 420, 467, 468, 471, 494, 495 and 120 B and action will be initiated at the earliest.”

The charges include marrying again during lifetime of spouse and concealing information of the first marriage from him, putting a person in fear of accusation of offence in order to commit extortion, cheating by impersonation, forgery and using a fake document.

According to police, the woman met the Army officer on Tinder in April 2017.