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UK: Indian-origin woman lies about brain cancer for 2 yrs; dupes ex-husband, family approx 30 million ( 3 crore ) Indian rupees

London: A UK court on Friday sentenced an Indian-origin woman to four years of imprisonment after she was found guilty of conning her ex-husband and her family and friends of over 2,50,000 pounds by lying to them about suffering from terminal brain cancer. While the con took place over a period of two years from 2015 to 2017, police arrested the accused, Jasmin Mistry, last year after her ex-husband figured out her lie. 

As per news agency PTI, Mistry told her then-husband, Vijay Katechia, in 2013 that she had cancer. She also showed him a supporting WhatsApp message that he presumed was from her doctor. In December 2014, she told her ex-husband that her brain cancer had reached an advanced stage which meant that she had only six months to live. 

She again sent him further messages from a “doctor” claiming that cancer could be treated in America but it would cost around 5,00,000 pounds. Investigations by the police later revealed that Mistry herself was sending fake messages from “doctors” and that the message by the alleged doctor in 2013 was sent by her using a different SIM.