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Haryana man’s ex abducts his wife & gets her gang raped !! Husband wife abducted, thrashed & wife raped

Haryana man’s ex abducts his wife and masterminds her gang rape


  • Victim: Abducted with husband at gunpoint, raped in moving car
  • Police complaint filed; 1 rape accused arrested
  • Abducted couple were married about a week ago
Haryana man's ex abducts his wife and masterminds her gang rape

The woman — who has been divorced since December — abducted her ex-husband and his wife with the help of her family and using two vehicles, the police said. The couple were beaten up. (Image for representation)

A jilted divorcee abducted her ex-husband’s new bride in Haryana’s Ambala on Wednesday and masterminded her gang rape, the district police said.

The woman — who has been divorced since December — abducted her ex-husband and his wife with the help of her family and using two vehicles, the police said. The couple were beaten up.

Two men — who the victim said entered one of the vehicles in Panipat — gangraped her and dropped her off at a bus stop, the police said (see below).

The abducted couple have been married for about a week. They filed a police complaint on Thursday morning.

The husband has told the police that he married his ex-wife, who is from Gurugram, five years ago. He said the marriage was unsuccessful and that he divorced her in December.

One of the two men accused of rape has been arrested in Gurugram.


The newly-wed woman’s account of what happened, based on her police complaint, is chilling.

When her husband’s ex came home at around 7.15 pm on Wednesday — barged in, in fact — she was accompanied by a group of people that included her parents, two brothers, two uncles, and an aunt.

At the time, the victim’s husband and her mother-in-law were both at home. They were beaten up by the intruders, and the mother-in-law lost consciousness.

But that was just the beginning of a harrowing ordeal that would last hours.

Next, the couple were abducted in two separate vehicles at gunpoint and driven to Panipat, located around 120 km from Ambala. They were beaten up on the way.

In Panipat, a group of men got out of a third vehicle parked near Park Hospital. They got into the vehicle in which the newly-wed woman was abducted.

They threatened her and asked to file for divorce. She refused.

Then, two of the men raped her in the moving vehicle.

The victim and her husband were dropped off at a bus stand in Bahadurgarh. It was 12 pm.

The couple travelled to Panipat in a cab. Members of their family and a police team were there. The police team recorded the wife’s statement and left for Gurugram.

The couple reached Ambala at 6 am. Nearly eleven hours had passed since they were taken from their home.




44 year old Wife & 24 year old wife’s lover BRUTALLY BEAT & kill 56 yr old husband. Claim he abused her :-(

Hotelier killed by abused wife and friend | Bengaluru News


BENGALURU: A 56-year-old hotelier was murdered allegedly by his wife and her friend in Seshadripuram, central Bengaluru, on Friday.

Police said Santosh Shetty, a resident of Seshadripuram and from Kundapura, ran Mahalakshmi Hotel near Gandhinagar. He died at a private hospital around 4pm. The hospital alerted police as Santosh was brought there with injuries all over his body.

Within two hours, police arrested Santosh’s wife, Annapoorneshwari Shetty, 44, and her friend Prakash, 24, also from Kundapura, who had recently come to Bengaluru in search of a job. Officers said Santosh was an alcoholic and lived with his wife and two minor children. His wife alleged that he used to quarrel with her and assault her frequently under the influence of alcohol.

“Initially, Annapoorneshwari told us her husband abused and tried to assault her on Thursday night, but she somehow managed to lock him up in the room. He again tried to attack her when she unlocked the door around 6.30am on Friday, and fearing an assault she hit him with a wooden stick. Prakash rushed Santosh to hospital, where he succumbed by 4pm,” a police officer said.

Annapoorenshwari also tried to mislead police by claiming that her son suggested she use pepper spray to overpower Santosh on Thursday night. But police soon found loopholes in her story. They picked up both Annapoorneshwari and Prakash, who was with her. After interrogating them, cops concluded the duo had hatched a plan to eliminate Santosh.
“Prakash’s father and Annapoorneshwari’s father were close friends and hence the duo knew each other. Annapoorneshwari told Prakash about the harassment and they decided to to kill Santosh. The women used pepper spray on him on Friday morning, while Prakash hit him on the head and other parts with a wooden stick,” police said.

Seshadripuram police have registered a case of murder. The accused will be produced before the court on Saturday.

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