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NO External Injury or Hard Evidence. Still 5 years Rigorous Imprisonment under POCSO just on girl’s testimony !!!

No Injury. No Hard evidence. Just the witness statements. Still 5 years Rigorous imprisonment under POCSO for a 19 year old young man JUST ON THE BASIS of  GIRL’S STATEMENT !!

Judgement delivered within 4 months of complaint.

What about due process , evidence, innocent until proven guilty etc? What about the possibility of the girl lying ??

News below from TOI


Wife hired 3 for murder of AAP candidate Hinda: Cops | Chandigarh News – Times of India

Wife hired 3 for murder of AAP candidate Hinda: Cops

BATHINDA: The Punjab police on Thursday claimed to have solved the murder of Harwinder Singh, alias Hinda, the AAP candidate in local body polls and arrested his widow, Kiranpal Kaur along with three men they called contract killers.

Hinda is survived by his widow and their 14-year-old son Sharandeep.

The police claimed the 32-year-old widow had hired three contract killers — Makhan Ram (37) and Chamkaur Singh (26) of Maari village, and Jaimal Singh (20) of Bhaini village — who murdered Hinda, 42, on the night of September 9 at his home in Jethuke village.

Bathinda range IG MF Farooqui, accompanied by Bathinda SSP

Nanak Singh

, revealed that Kiranpal was involved in an extramarital affair with a driver, Sandeep Kumar (35) of Behniwal village in Mansa and wanted to marry him.

There was no political angle to the murder, the police officers clarified. Senior AAP leaders had on Monday described the killing as a meticulously planned political murder and demanded cancellation of the local body elections in the state.

The police added that Kiranpal had tried to get her husband murdered six months ago, but the plan fell through as the people she had contacted refused to commit the crime.

The police were suspicious of Kiranpal from the beginning, Farooqui said.

“Her version about incident was confusing as she told the cops that three persons came to their house on the night of September 9 and Hinda told her they were going to have drinks at the dhaba, but the police found no confirmation or CCTV footage of her claim.”

Kiranpal, when questioned by reporters admitted that she had planned her husband’s murder and said that she was repenting her decision.

The police detained Kiranpal over discrepancies in her version of events and she allegedly confessed her crime.

She revealed her extramarital relationship with Sandeep Kumar and said that she had asked Makhan Ram, a self-styled


and fortune teller to help her eliminate her husband. Makhan agreed and contracted Chamkaur and Jaimal for Rs 50,000 each to murder Hinda. The police are yet to reveal the exact amount of money Kiranpal had paid for the murder. Sandeep is absconding and the police are on lookout for him.

Kiranpal mixed sleeping and intoxicating pills Hinda’s dinner on September 9 night and once he fell unconscious, the three contract killers covered his face with a pillow and hit his head with hockey sticks. They also strangulated him with the pillow,” said IG.

The police are on lookout for Sandeep and the other persons Kiranpal had contacted six months ago for the murder. The police will also investigate if her 14-year-old son knew about his mother’s plan to eliminate his father.

Leader of opposition Harpal Singh Cheema, when asked why AAP had claimed it was a political murder, said: “When we visited Hinda’s residence, his wife had claimed it seemed to be a political murder. We had no reason not to believe her at that time and termed it a political murder. As the truth has been revealed, the police should investigate the matter and law should take its own course.”
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