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UK based NRI arrested & old parents booked as his wife claimed “..beating for dowry..” 15 years after marriage :-( :-(

Married in 2003, with two kids aged 9 and 5, this NRI couple return to India for holidays. Wife files complaint to get entire in law’s family behind bars just “claiming” she was beaten for dowry , even though they are married for approx 15 years !!!


NRI & parents held for beating wife over dowry | Rajkot News


RAJKOT: A non-resident Indian (NRI) man, based in London was arrested on Tuesday after his wife lodged a complaint against him and his parents, accusing them of demanding dowry, as well as of mental and physical harassment.

Police arrested Rakshit Gandhi (40), booked his father Arvind Gandhi and mother Sarla Gandhi at Mahila police station in Rajkot following the complaint lodged by Rakshit’s wife Rushita (39) early this month. According to case details, Rushita and Rakshit had married in 2003 and have two children — a nine-year-old son and a daughter aged five.

Soon after marriage, Rushita left for London to live with Rakshit, who worked in a finance firm there. She too started working in a firm there. Her in-laws, Arvind and Sarla, used to frequently visit the couple in London. Rushita alleged in her complaint that initially her husband and in-laws used to mentally harass her by demanding dowry.
Later, they also started abusing her and even assaulting her physically. She alleged that her husband had even seized her passport so that she could not return to India. Police said that Rushita has also claimed that Rakshit took away her salary and gave her minimum amount for daily expenses. He did not even allow her to speak to her parents over phone. Rushita also mentioned one incident when she was beaten up after Rakshit caught her talking to her parents over phone.

About a month ago, the couple and their children came to Rajkot. Soon after arriving, Rushita left her husband and went to stay with her parents on Yagnik Road on July 28. She later lodged a complaint with the mahila police against her husband and in-laws. She alleged that her in-laws have also usurped the money and jewellery that her parents had given at the time of the marriage.

On hearing about the complaint, Rakshit and her parents threatened to kill her if she did not take back her complaint. Police sub-inspector N S Savaniya, who is investigating the case, said that they have arrested Rakshit and will be arresting the other accused soon.

a old fat buffalo called from our farm & said she is divorced with a lot of moolah !!!

In another news the old fat buffalo called me from our farm & told me, she is finally divorced after being separate for a few years. She has got some shares as alimony. She danced in rain with joy when I told her there won’t be much of tax on that

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Girl #Fakes #Rape, Men #Jailed for years, released after 7, 10 #years by #Supreme court !! Lives wasted in #India

Girl fakes rape, men jailed for years | India News


Dhananjay Mahapatra

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Tuesday acquitted two persons in a 2001 rape case in Faridabad but not before one had served 10 years and the other seven years in jail.

After years behind bars, one of them appealed in the SC against the concurrent judgments of a Faridabad trial court and the Punjab and Haryana high court convicting them. A bench of Justices N V Ramana and Mohan M Shantanagoudar acquitted the two and said the offence of rape was not proved.

However, it recorded, “The first accused Jai Singh has already served out the sentence imposed on him, and appellant Sham Singh has already served sentence of seven years out of the total of 10 years imposed on him.” Though the bench ordered immediate release of Sham Singh, it did not address the fact that the two spent their prime years in jail because of false rape charges.

The incident dates back to August 22, 2001, when a minor girl alleged that the two brothers, who were her uncles, picked her up at night, took her to their home, tied her hands to a cot and raped her in the presence of their mother, sister, wife and children.

The medical report did not substantiate rape. There was no injury mark on her wrists or any part of her body and not any trace of semen. The accused told the court that one of them had slapped the girl for going around with a boy in the village and writing ‘love letters’. They also said there was a village panchayat where he had apologised in writing for slapping the girl. But the girl insisted before the trial court that the panchayat was called to hush up the rape case .

A Faridabad fast-track court acquitted the accused in March 2003. But the girl appealed in the HC, which remanded it for fresh trial. The trial court convicted the accused in June 2011. The HC upheld the conviction.

Writing the judgment for the bench, Justice Shantanagoudar said, “It is amply clear that the case of the prosecution, as made out, appears to be artificial and concocted. It may not be probable to commit rape in one’s own house in front of the sister, children and mother. If in actuality the incident had taken place, the medical evidence would have gone against the accused.”

After going through the entire evidence, the bench said, “The evidence of the victim/prosecutrix and her aunt are unreliable, untrustworthy inasmuch as they are not credible witnesses. Their evidence bristles with contradictions and is full of improbabilities. We cannot resist ourselves to place on record that the prosecution has tried to rope in the appellant merely on assumptions, surmises and conjectures.”

Setting aside the concurrent judgment, the bench said, “The findings of the courts below do not deserve the merit of acceptance or approval in our hands with regard to glaring infirmities and illegalities vitiating them, and the patent errors apparent on the face of record resulting in serious and grave miscarriage of justice to the appellant.”