#Murder: #Wife, #lover kill #hubby. Killers smashed head, wife #strangulated. Caught trying to #dispose body


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Murder: Woman, lover kill hubby, use scooter to dispose of his body

Mumbai News

Sandhya Nair

MUMBAI: It might have been a scene straight from Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro: A murdered man’s body, wrapped in a big cloth bundle and sandwiched between two men on a scooter, was being driven to be disposed at a secluded spot in Virar at 2am on Friday.

Cops on night patrol, suspicious of the odd-sized bundle, tried to stop the two but they revved off. After a hot chase for about a kilometre, the scooter got stuck in the muck on the road and skidded. Both riders fell, as did the cloth bundle, but they got up quickly and fled before cops could get to them. When cops checked the ‘bedsheet’, they found the body with the limbs tied and a nylon dupatta around the neck.

Deputy SP Jayant Bajbale said that once the body was identified as that of Yogesh Raut (32), a resident of MD Estate, Virar (W), they called his wife Ashwini (29) to identify it. She gave vague replies that aroused their suspicion. When they questioned her at length, she confessed that she and her lover Raj Arjun had killed her husband along with two accomplices. Arjun, who lives in the same colony and works for a builder, was riding the scooter, while one of the accomplices was on the pillion.

Police said Yogesh had learned of Ashwini’s affair, and they would have fights. Ashwini and Raj made a plan to kill Yogesh ten days ago. Raj roped in a friend, Faizan, who enlisted his own friend, Javed. A housewife, Ashwini agreed to pay ‘contract money’ of Rs 1.5 lakh to Faizan and Javed. She handed over the money to Raj to give it to them.

A little before 2am, when Yogesh, who worked as an electrical contractor, was fast asleep, Ashwini opened the door of their flat for the trio.

All three hit Yogesh on the head with a sharp weapon, while Ashwini used her dupatta to strangulate him. Raj, along with Faizan, carried the body on the scooter to find an isolated spot.

The scooter has been seized, and CCTV cameras at the couple’s building show Raj and Faizan on the scooter with the body, police said.

Police said Ashwini had decided to wait till dawn to lodge a missing complaint. Cops, however, managed to approach her before that, at her home. Her arrest led to the arrests of Raj and Faizan.



July 28th 2018


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