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marriage doesn’t mean #wife #ready 4 #sex. But #Husband should #ALWAYS be ready with #alimony !!

You can’t demand food, cooking, sex, anything from your wife. You will be called names and she will be liberated IF you do

However every man should be always ready with Alimony / Maintenance the moment he marries a woman !!

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Teacher who #RAPED #kid given bail because she’s a #WOMAN !! Boy’s parents 2 seek police protection

A teacher who had sex with a kid below the legal age has been given #BAIL and let out scott free because she’s a woman !!

The teacher once even locked up the boy. The kid had to be rescued with the help of neighbors

Now that teacher is free and so Child helpline and the parents are planning to seek police protection for themselves !!

This is the SAD SAD state of affairs in India

News report enclosed

teacher who raped boy gets bail becaz shes lady !!