Daily Archives: May 31, 2018

Salute to our brave MILITARY !! A 100% voluntary organization !!

India has a 100% voluntary military. There is NO forced conscription. There is NO compulsory military service. There is NO dictator forcing us at gun point to join them or die. There isn’t even a compulsory 2 , 3 year military service for 18 year olds, like in many European countries. There is NO coercion to join the forces.

Our Brave, Patriotic, Honest brothers join all defense “services” to serve the country with the ultimate thyAg, the ultimate determination and readiness to lay down their previous lives… All 100% voluntarily !

Every village, every family sending it’s sons to the military is PROUD of their contribution

I do NOT know of ANY OTHER democratic, modern country having such a large army PURELY on voluntary basis

This shows our silent strength, our determination and commitment.

I take this moment to salute, thank and mentally hug our brothers, our soldiers and security personal. Thanks and wishes to every member of the Army, Navy and Airforce, to every member of the BSF, to every member of our security and anti terror units, naval task forces, DRDO and Defense factories and 100s I have not mentioned.

A thousand salutes for keeping us protected.

A thousand salutes for your valor, courage and sacrifice.

A thousand salutes for being non aligned to ANY political party.

God bless you. God bless your families. God bless your children

Jai Hind