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Why Honest, hard-working, dedicated men’s rights activists have to get into politics… The need of the hour

An MLA pays 3 to 5 crores or more 💰💰 to be nominated by a big party ( as party candidate under party symbol ).

When that party does NOT get enough seats / majority in the assembly, they pay 1000 crores or more 💰💰 to buy another party’s support ( This money could be partly upfront and balance could be split from the “collections” / “proceeds” over five years 😳😳)

Some other bigger political party which could not buy a full party, tries to pay hundred crores or more to a few winning candidates and tries to buy them.

So, to begin with, everyone who wins has invested crores and crores of unaccounted / I’ll gotten wealth

It is one of these people who will become a minister, a state home minister or state Finance minister, or chief minister etc tomorrow

These are the people who control the police force. These are the people who control the domestic violence officers who make domestic violence reports. These ppl control Mahila welfare centers indirectly.

How do you expect that these politicos to allow people under them to be honest?

Unless there is grassroots collection /

Corruption where will these politicos get back their hundreds and thousands of crores which they invested in the first place ?

How do you expect these so-called politicos to weed out corruption? Clean up the system ? Or give justice to men?

That is precisely the reason why honest hardworking MRAs should get into creating our own party

There is no other alternative for the country or the family or our future generations

Jai Hind !

Modi ji and BJP are in a soup because of finance ministry + women and children ministry. Time to change the WCD ministry’s functioning 👌👌

I think Shri Narendra Modi ji and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) are in a soup because of finance ministry and women and children ministry.

These ministries are greatly responsible for the frustration, lack of growth, lack of unity, and various ills of the economy and family.

Absenteeism and NOTA in elections are both byproducts of frustration, lack of confidence, lack of peace and lack of stability🔥🔥

Absenteeism and NOTA have been rampantly high during this election and affected BJP heavily

The sooner modi ji changes the functioning of these ministries the better it if for him and the party 👌👌

The more he drags his feet the better it is for MRA this become a political force 💪💪

Tails we win, heads feminists loose 😂😂😂