May #Love , Mutual #respect and #Brotherhood blossom !!

#Asaram #Bapu’s case proves that Sadhus, Sants, Peers, Priests have to align and co-operate with MRA / family welfare orgs and vice versa.
#Sadhu #Sants #Priests are under feminist and anti male radar
Defaming and arresting / incarcerating them on flimsy grounds is becoming commonplace
The only ones who understand the ways of Feminists, the lingo of judiciary and are able to peacefully engage the #feminist #ecosystem are MRAs, family welfare organizations and the like
Similarly Sants and #ashrams #Monasteries can provide shelter and abode for elderly single men. The peace and serenity in such places will help Mental well being of single men. Learning meditation and yoga from the original practitioners will also help single men
Both groups work for a strong nation. Both groups have a lot of strength, vitality and energy in them
So, There is a lot of #natural synergy between #Ashrams #Monasteries on one side and single men, betrayed men on the other side
It’s time to start co-operating on key issues of national and societal importance
May #Love , Mutual #respect and #Brotherhood blossom !!
May GOD bless us all

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