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Woman filed false rape cases since 1996, against ex husbands and family, now faces legal action in 2018 after fake rape on a COP !!!

Woman filed false rape cases since 1996, now faces legal action

Bagish Jha | TNN | Apr 15, 2018, 07:41 IST

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GURUGRAM: A Rewari court has ordered legal proceedings against a middle-aged woman for allegedly filing false cases against several men, including her ex-husbands and their family members, since 1996 to extort money or for other benefits.
Phalit Sharma, additional district and sessions judge, Rewari, passed the order a couple of days ago while hearing a 2017 case involving a policeman, who had been in touch with the woman since 2010 and was accused of raping her repeatedly. During the trial, it came to light that the allegations levelled against the cop were all fabricated.

The court acquitted the cop and order prosecution against the woman, a Rewari resident, under Section 211 (falsely implicating someone with intension to hurt) of the IPC. The charge, if proven, may result in a penalty or up to two year’s imprisonment or both.

During the investigation into the 2017 case, it was found that she had similarly implicated several men, including her ex-husbands and in-laws, in the past too.

In 1996, she had filed a complaint of rape against the father and brother of her first husband Harish Chander, alias Nehru. But eventually, she withdrew her complaints against the duo allegedly after extorting money from the ex-husband and his family.

Similarly, she had accused Manoj (in 2003), Surender (2013) and Pradeep (2014) — all her former husbands — of rape and domestic violence, and later settled the cases for money. In 2012, she had also accused Rajender of sexual assault after a long-term relation with him, but backtracked on her allegations in court. She then married the man the day he was acquitted by court in the rape case.


In the latest case, the woman filed a complaint on June 7 last year and alleged that the policeman had raped her on several occasions. She also alleged that the cop had put pressure on her through her relatives for a ‘compromise’ and used his official power to warn her against filing any police complaint.
Based on her complaint, an FIR was filed against the cop. But after months of trial, the court, in its order, observed that the woman created a totally baseless story without any evidence — verbal, medical and circumstantial — to prove her allegations. “The complainant had misused law to falsely implicate the accused (the cop) in a manner similar to earlier cases of rape,” observed the court.




Wishes & support to #Gay male couples. As Marrying a woman is too dangerous, #men should be allowed to live with #men

I extend all my best wishes & understanding to Gay men, men having long term living relationships with other men.

Of course they deserve it as human beings. They deserve their spaces, liberty and rights, like each and every one of us deserve. So I am NOT doing them a favour.

Secondly, Love one and love all is what every religion teaches, and so again Gay men / men in relationship with other men deserve our understanding love and mutual respect just as anyone else does. They are human after all

But these are NOT the only reasons I understand gay men. The reason I have started understanding them better is because of the terrible tyranny that marriage with women, the terrible one sidedness that heterosexual (man woman) marriage has lead men to

Men need company. Men need to share feelings. Men nee emotional support. Beyond a point friends can’t help. So they try to get into a long term relationship (with a woman or a man).

But the institution of marriage in India (with a woman) is wrought with grave danger

Marriage in India is Not just danger to live and liberty of the husband, but also life, liberty and mental peace of the parents, siblings and others. 1000s of men have been driven to suicide due to marriage (90000 suicides every year)

Since marriage with women is such a big risk / such a big gamble, it is but natural that men will seek long term relationships with other men. This alone is good enough reasons for us to understand, support and help Gay Indian men

I’m sure some will say, how would children be born ?

I’m of the firm opinion that breeding / producing kids with fake 498a women is 10 times worse than NOT having children or having surrogate kids. Producing more and more feminists and manginas (born to 498a tyrants) is a BIG disservice and danger to society.

So lack of children in a gay relationship doesn’t alarm me today

Over a period of time, if more and more men shun these Fake Case Famitards, they themselves will realize what they have lost

I understand that Gay marriage is NOT yet legal in India, while filing 498a DV cases is quite legal !!!. But every FB post is NOT about what is legal and what is NOT. This is about humanity. unconditional love and practical day to day life

Comments, counter arguments most welcome

POSCO is going to kill more men and break more families. Many years after a foreign divorce, now ex wife claims, ex husband is abusing daughter !! :-( :-(

Techie booked for sexually abusing 6-year-old daughter


  • Apr 25 2018, 00:40am ist
  • updated: Apr 25 2018, 17:51pm ist


A software engineer residing in Kengeri has been booked under the Protection Of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act for sexually abusing his six-year-old daughter.

The engineer’s estranged wife had filed a private complaint with the 55th City Civil and Sessions Court, which directed the police to take up the case as the accused lived with his daughter in Kengeri.

The police said the couple got married in 2006 and had two daughters, aged six and one. The family moved to Sweden on an on-site assignment. The couple had differences and decided to apply for divorce on mutual consent. The Swedish court gave the custody of the six-year-old daughter to the father and the one-year-old to the mother.

The estranged family returned to India after the end of the Swedish assignment. While the mother went to live in Patna with her younger daughter, the father resided in West Bengaluru with the older child. The mother visited the older daughter as per the visitation rights allowed by the Swedish court.

She stated in her complaint that she visited her daughter at Oasis mall in Koramangala as usual on April 17, 2016, and her daughter complained that her father sexually abused her while giving her a bath. The mother also mentioned that her husband touched the girl in her private parts, making her uncomfortable.

Her PCR with the court was directed to the police commissioner’s office, which asked the Kengeri police to take up the case.

Since the incident happened in 2016 and the woman resides in Patna, the police could not get many clues about the man from his estranged wife.

“The father continues to reside with the daughter in the city. The case rests on the daughter’s police statement,” said an officer. Investigations are on.




The Girl who drank upto 9.00 p.m. and went live on Twitter claiming molestation / misbehavior !!

From Zee News You Tube channel

“…It should be noticed that how some girls missuses the law that is to protect the girls, A girl model in Indore filed a false FIR against two people molesting her and send them to jail for for her Publicity. Zee news gone through this story any find that the girl was drunk and created this whole episode just for Publicity stunt….”

just like “her body, her choice”, now we have “her alimony her choice” :-) :-)

A Hon. HC has ordered a MARRIED woman that she can claim maintenance from the live in fella as well !!

We know that Indian women can always claim maintenance from their father, from the son or from legally wedded, husband

But now they can choose !!

We really thank the society and system for affording women this choice 🙂 🙂

For those interested in case law / news paper report etc please check my earlier post on this blog / twitter feed !!