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I am NOT a #HasinJahan supporter. But when an #alfa faces #karma I grab the popcorn :-) Forgive me oh Lord !! :-)

I am NOT a #HasinJahan supporter. NOT at all. But when an #alfa, who NEVER worried about #MensRights, who never worried about #MalePlight, or the plight of mothers , fathers, brothers and sisters, when such an #AlfaMale faces #Karma, I feel like grabbing #popCorn !! Forgive me oh Lord ! 🙂

Arrested, denied bail and harassed because son fell in love; Sad tale of TN mother :-(

Police in TN are regularly arresting and defaming PARENTS and sisters / brothers of #MALES, if a girl falls in #love or elopes and marries him. The girls side claim that the girl is missing !! and there is threat to her life. Parents are arrested, jailed and even denied bail to pressurize the boy and girl.
The innocent parents (man’s parents) have little or no say in what happens as the young ppl make their own decisions. They end up in Jail for no fault of theirs. Many such mothers are being denied bail.
In the given case, reported below an elderly mother was arrested, jailed in vellore prison and denied bail because her son fell in love 😦 😦
Now Madras HC has issued directions against such arrest (of elders and parents). Unfortunately, Still the police who arrest elders and lock them up are NOT being punished
#Elder_Abuse #Elders #SeniorCitizens #LoveMarriage #Elope #HabeusCorpus #MadrasHC #Elopment
PS : Many such “eloped” girls are later on married off to other un suspecting boys and that (second) marriage becomes a hell for both that boy and girl

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