Sir.. Give us some tips.. To tackle with false cases… Like Dv, 498a etc.

////Sir.. Give us some tips.. To tackle with false cases… Like Dv, 498a etc…./////

My 2 cents worth :
* Fight back * Maintain calm, and fight back legally.
* Read and understand the law, there’s a wealth of info online ; there are 1000s of favourable decisions floating around the web; use them
* Be sure to fight back, what come may !!
* Remember that THEY have to prove their allegations. You don’t have to prove anything as long as you don’t go and file a case
* Think 10 times before filing cases and starting a war. Offense / attack needs 4 times the force and energy as defense. File counters, responses etc., escalate only when you are sure
* Don’t expect the society or courts to be sympathetic to men
* Use a lawyer like a cricket or tennis bat. The game is yours, the strategy is yours, the ideas are yours, but you need a strong bat to hit hard..that’s all. You have lost IF you think the bat will play all by itself.
* Don’t worry too much about rest of the society. Once you break up, rest of the society may look at you like a rapist…but don’t worry, …. You will find 1000s of affected men and families and they are your new friends and society
* Network with other harassed husbands
* Make it a point to help other struggling men.
* Men and families have to save themselves, no one will come to save us …we have fight this
* DON’T leave your job, unless you are 100% sure of another one. DON’T leave
* Remember the biological clock. You can marry, mate and make kids till 70. Your wife can’t after 35 or 40 ..remember that.
* Make your own strategy. This is like war. No two battles are alike, no two armies are alike, so have your own strategy
* Read spiritual books, read management books, health tips, take up to fitness / exercise, walk, jog, play good sports , do whatever to keep your mind and body active. This is NOT the end of the world.
* There are millions of married slaves smiling away in slavery. We are far better. FAR better. We may occasionally frown, but we are free men.
* May GOD be with you
* You have just been chosen by GOD so God IS with you…

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