Daily Archives: July 25, 2017

India and the lack of social security

Fact # 1. In India there is no social security net, no automatic old age pension from the government for the common man, nothing other than your own private savings backed save your skin scheme or something your ( very organized and exceptional ) employer provides. 90% of the Indian population will have to fend for itself during old age.
Fact # 2. Indians PAY a lot of taxes. most probably some Of the politicians are stealing us. If the politicians leave something on the table the unscrupulous among bureaucrats will steal it. If the bureaucrats by mistake leave something on the table the unscrupulous among government contractors will steal it.
The above rules continue to operate whether I have kids, I have 10 kids , I have no kids and my neighbor has 10 or 15 to 20 kids.
* RULE number one is that there is no Social Security / old age net.
* RULE number two is TAXES do not reach the old or the aged or the sick or the infirm.
* added to this, no son can support parents. The abla Nari new wife will throw them out. Millions of elders and kids are in orphanages
Now I hope you will understand me. Marrying or NOT, Having children or not etc will only affect the thieves. Not the common man.