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How Fake498a has become a court vs Muslim matterĀ 

We don’t have to Watch TV Drama, When Real Drama is going in Indian Court

Madras HC :Babu Vs Naseema : 9/Jun/2017
+ Wife files 498A/420 combo against her husband & over half dozen family members including sisters

+Husband who may have been terrorized / horrified by such false case first tried to settle the case and told he would take back “498A Knife” If she withdraw the complaint

+Wife after making sure that husband is in her full control, she withdrew the case, police closed the complaint. 

+Followed by which Husband immediately gave “Tripple Talaq” 

+Thereby Wife filed cheating case (420/120B) against husband & family members 

+Further Wife challenged this “Tripple Talaaq” in Lower court to declare it as null and void. To which Lower court declared it as “null and void”

+Against such order, Husband challenged it in District Court, who had set aside trial court order and declared Tripple Talaq as Valid

+Magistrate issued summons & non bailable warrant to which husband didn’t accept it so Wife filed contempt or court (execution) petition at HC to force police to arrest him 

+Husband & family members filed AB at HC, but HC instead of giving AB directed them to surrender at Lower court. After which husband got bail

+Wife witch-hunt continued and so Magistrate again issued non bailable warrant against husband, Subsequently Police arrested him again.

+Aggrieved by such humiliation, Husband filed complaint against Magistrate & demanded 5 lakh compensation

+Meanwhile Husband approached to Jammath (Relgious Organization) and complaint against wife & her father. To which Jammath summoned the father and issued FATWA that “Wife’s Father should not have gone to High Court as “Kaafir Judges” are passing order against “Islamic & Quranic Law” –

+Husband & family members also approached to HC For Quashing entire complaint citing “Arneshkumar SC judgement” which went to deaf hear as far as husband is concerned but Honorable Hc indeed spared sisers and brother-in-law by quashing complaint against them

+And So this ugly false 498A fight would still continue…..